A Quick Brew

Thromgin trudged silently next his forge brother, glowering at passerby.
"Be kinder to our neighbors brother. It will be better for business."
The rumbling whisper of his companion roused him from his gloom.
"Thay knoo me well enough. If thay wanted idle cha'er, I'd send thum yoor way."
A sad chuckle escaped the giant, shaking his head at the dwarf.
"If you keep this up, they'll stop your ale."
"FINE then. Thay can't do much work if thier tools are dull."
Although the dwarf was serious, Erik still laughed at his friends stubbornness.
Finding a few more moments of silence, the two soon found the bar.
"I woon't be long."
Thromgin entered the bar quickly, ordering the ale and left, giving the other dwarf in the room a respectful nod. He could handle Thri's company.
Dwarf and giant sat outside, enjoying the peacefulness of the village around them. As ale soothed his stone heart, Thromgin began humming a song from his youth, while Erik nursed his specially made tankard.

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