That's settled... maybe

Tei'ron finally saw the man get up to speak - a very practiced soldier, a general it would seem. He wondered if he had fought in the war, hard to say. But alas things were getting going. Tei'ron was usually calm, but after the war, all this calm in and around Warfall was making him a bit antsy.

"...You will be heading out midday tomorrow, be prepared. If you have any objections, spit it out, if not... then I better be seeing you here soon.”

The elf looked at Kain and then scanned a few others. "Well then, I suppose we have some time to rest and gear up." It was a suggestion not for himself, for he almost always had what he needed on his person. "The funeral tonight and off tomorrow." If he were a human he would have dusted his hands off together as if the matter were settled.

"Is this the foolhardy group that is venturing to StoneHall? I must insist that you cease such a desire, for the sake of Warfall's safety."

The wood elf look over and up at the beast that had landed a moment ago and then spoke when the general was done. He bowed his head at the Sphinx, a rare bread for sure, although he had seen him in town earlier in the day. "Vedui, melon [Hello, friend]. I am Tei'ron, and you are correct in your assumption."

Tei'ron paused briefly and cocked his head a tad. "I am curious though, why should we not go to the hall? It belongs to this town, no?"

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