Lurking Within

Phronesis snorted at the elf's question.
"True, it lies within Warfalls borders, but it only provides to the town as a historical landmark. Whatever lies within it now has remained within up until now, posing no threat. If you were to provoke the inhabitants, it could lead to a fight that simple farmers have no hope in."
While he remained aloof about the danger, whatever lay in Stonehall had proved immune to his psychic prowess. This disturbed the young Sphinx and made him wary about these mortals quest.
"I am not able to interfere if you decide to go, but know that you may regret such a task."
Taking his leave, he perched near the lake in order to meditate and contact any nearby sphinxes in order to seek their wisdom for the Iron Knights dire warning. He made sure to keep a view of the town within his minds eye, waiting to see how dedicated the townsfolk were to retaking Stonehall.

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