OOC - Game

Welcome players to Willow town, a horror/Supernatural game, You can be a supernatural entity to a normal human, if you from town folk and your a demon, werewolf, or vampire, you still are considered a town folk, if you are not considered a townsfolk, then you put your character on entity group. Now for the families, The Willow family are powerful magic using immortal creatures known as the Convin. The Raven family is a family of witches and warlocks, The Jerian Family are a family of Vampires, The Terian Family are a family of werebeast, finally the Zoria Family are a family of demons and devils. This should be all the information you need to know, most who played my games know how I roll, so enjoy, Nerds
(Yes because no matter what, we are all nerds, and it's the truth.)