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Summary: Torn between her two sides

Colleen Emery

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Townsfolk


Half Indian/have Irish on her ma's side


Though she runs a restaurant/boarding house, she can't cook to save her life. She's a natural with a bow though and has learned a lot about medicine from her ma and her native mentor.


Some call her Medice Flower

Physical Appearance

Colleen shares a lot with both her people. She has long flowing raven hair with a braid to her feet and the tanned skin of her pa's people. The rest she gets from her ma. She is a five foot brown eye beauty with her mothers family breasts which are large. During the week she dresses in a dress, but on Sunday she changes. Then she dons paint and a loincloth and rides as a member of what translates as Pretty Girl Society.


The child of a rough start Colleen nonetheless worshipped her father's people and traditions. A few years back her pa was killed and her ma was allowed and took her children far away. Colleen hated the new land as most called her names. Her ma taught her about the white man's medicine.

Colleen did leave to go to the school of her mother, but was treated differently. She left returning home. Once back she opened Buffalo Gals hoping people would enjoy a restaurant, but most stay away, though one group asked for biscuits once. She's not sure why they hit them with wooden clubs for. She also practices medicine. To the whores since Hank made a rule about her ma and on Sunday with her own people. Maybe soon she can make decent food, that or find a cook.

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Image of Colleen Emery
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