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Summary: Trying to make up for his past

Nathan Van Morgan

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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Outlaws




Jack of trades, mostly ranching. Handy with guns and horses as well as dynamite.


Formerly a outlaw, now looking to make amends

Physical Appearance

Nate is six two with a sort of stocky build. Has a few scars over his frame, but none as telling as the troubled look in his piercing blue eyes. He likes to keep his dirty blonde hair cut short and usually is clean shaven.


Nate was a fine upstanding kid till he was fifteen. In a fit of rage over how some drifter at a saloon treated his pa he went in town and plunged an old hunting knife deep in the man's gut. Once his folks heard they told him to leave and not return fearing the boy would be hung.

So he did even changing his name. He fell in with a nasty lot and enjoyed the bank robbing and such. But when they attacked a farm and did those things not dare repeating he took off thinking of home. It was during this period he met Mr Ewing and became a Regulator. For a long time their actions didn't bother him. Then the boys began attacking small ranches and Nate had enough. He nearly paid for it with his life, till Ewing stepped in.

Now Nathan wants to atone for his sins. He's headed to Rattlesnake Gulch looking for a fresh start.

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