No apologies

Eve was just enjoying his company and when he places her fingers to his lips her heart swooned. Many had done this but it was different now. With him it was earnest and not cause she was a whore. When he apologizes she smiles." No need for sorry sir, it feels good and never ever stop."

The dinner invitation was nice as well but he needed to relax." I gladly accept, now let's work on your nerves. If it helps just think you're talking to one of your ladies. I know it's different but it helps trust me." It sure was sweet though, and nothing like those around Hank's. Cept maybe a cowhand coming in for his first poke.


Ruby was putting a dress on as he speaks thankful her brothers or pa weren't around as they always cared men away from her. She takes a whiff and admit it does smell nice at that.

When he offers a meal she smiles brightly(one of her best features) and laughs."Thank you kind sir.Once i get settled I'll make us a picnic lunch." And though her pies were legendary she wouldn't mind being dessert."

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