"Well ya see, that's just thing... I never, well ya see... I never sample from my own storehouse, if you catch my meaning? I'm not foreign to the art, it's just been a while since I... we you know... I always felt I owed my girls more than asking, offering, or expecting they spend time with me like that. Last time I was with anyone was... well, it was that singer in the traveling show that passed through near two years back," Connor replied sheepishly. "And, it's not that I hold any disdain for my girl's but for you Miss Grace, I'd like much more to deal with the butterflies..."

He kissed her hand again and asked her to meet him at his saloon later that night, near 7pm. Sure, he'd ruffle plenty of feathers closing up for the night but she was worth it.

(Fill in any gaps or interject as you desire)

So later that night, after he'd bathed and scrubbed himself near raw, trimmed his beard a bit, and swept up the place, he had a table and cloth set in the middle of the room with a pair of plates and the best meal he knew how to prepare - chicken and dumplings, all homemade. He also had a pot of fresh coffee and a bottle of whiskey he'd been saving for just a such sort of special occasion. He waited patiently, in his best suit, for her arrival.

~ ~ ~

"Well that's about the best news I've ever heard. You take all the time you need. You can find me sitting right there on that bench outside the hotel, as soon as you're ready," James replied.

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