OOC - New Characters

Adding a few of my own characters now. Just brief overview for now. I use two systems now. A PS3 and Ps4. I use the 3 for the images hence the brief overview type. Then do rest on the 4 as faster. Sad, in a way how the newer system in a way had less ability then the old. Except screenshots(but not sure can add those). Could be due to processing power.

So not to conflict with Connor I'm trying hard to think of how to do Hank. He runs a saloon that caters to the more rough crowd and is really a front to his brothel. Hope that doesn't conflict Connor. Cause trying not to.

A few characters may not appear from my past as I run them in another game. If that's the case we may need a new gunsmith. As Joe Walker is nothing like his sister in that regard.

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