OOC - Too True

Only too true. And in a way to try to look fancy actually Hank may be alienating some who would normally going in. Someone like Wardog doesn't seem the type to fit in a place with that fancy of name:)

Also and this is for those who may be still looking to join. If you see a character of mine and would like to adopt it, feel free to ask. There's a few that are mine alone, but some very well could be up.

Good examples are folks like Joe or even Regulators, even Eve(Evelyn) could be. Or the doc. Certain ones like Colleen or Ruby would not be(Ruby is not even mine really. My better half provides all for her:)

And then we have a few that really are new for me. The wardog and the Shadowcat(Lydia's new last name) are two same for young Molly.

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