Change of scenery

Connor was dozing at the bar as the dust kicked an empty tin can down the street rousing him. And that's when he saw... her. Miss Evelyn Grace. Now there was a woman. Connor didn't think that in regards to he wanted her for himself though that thought had crossed his mind more than once. He hadn't dismissed it because she was a whore but he assumed a woman who'd weathered life as she had probably wouldn't want to settle down with any man. That didn't mean he didn't really like the idea of having her around...

He called Big Jim over to man the bar and ran to his room upstairs to comb his hair and make sure he didn't have anything messy all over him. One of the drunks today had vomited on the bar and he thought it'd missed him, but he wanted to be sure now. Feeling comfortable he looked presentable, he strolled down the back steps and out the back door and headed down a few buildings before he came back onto the street proper.

Evelyn was out for a stroll, which he'd noticed her on more often these last few months, and window shopping and ignoring the array of gazes from others. The few "proper" ladies in town always looked down on her and all whores and most of the men leered at her - she had an impressive figure - but many shied away once they realized she was older than some young tart less ridden or more creepily more akin to their own daughter's age that was the more popular girl at Hank's place.

Connor cut across the street and did his best to make it look like they were just happening upon each other, but he figured Evie was too smart for that but it didn't deter him from proceeding anyway. "Good afternoon, Miss Grace," he said, wishing he had a hat to tip, "If you weren't busy or needing to get back to Hank's too soon, I wondered if we could walk together a bit?"

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