The Smalls

It was a weekday and Evie was tired of Hank's crap. Unlike those dumb young uns who made up his work staff, she never signed a contract. Sure they were younger, tighter perhaps prettier but she was free. When they got her age they'll still be paying that contract off.

As she strode through town window shopping she recalls her best friend. Fran had got lucky when she got married and Evie had a few asking but well she was use to town life and the prospects of farmlife sickened her worse than Hank on Sundays with her while eyeing Colleen.

As she stops near the mercantile she hears Mrs. Smalls going on how women like Evie shouldn't be allowed out. She had enough."Well I couldbe waiting for Edgar to comein. Though truth be told he has the right last name. For he sure is small especially next to your fat ass."'

This causes the other woman to go on and even spout some bible verses at her. "Hell he's a loyal customer to. Pastor may call it a sin, but he sure as hell loves to fornicate. Hell last Sunday he even had a virgin."

She walks off as the ladies eyes bulge out. That's when she runs into Connor. "Well Howdy Mr.Macleod. It is a lovely day." She loops her arm through his."First Hank can go you know what with Mrs Smalls. Secondly why don't we go to Buffalo Gals. Food ain't worth eating but it's quiet and I can relax.'

As they walk her smile grows a bit. Now a man like him, she could see marrying. City and wouldn't likely hold her past against her."So Mr Macleod, any young lady catch your eye. Maybe MissEmery, or does age count?" She was indeed curious though she knew the Doc would love to marry Colleen off.

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