New job

When he orders she nearly laughs. Most places biscuits were safe, but here, well rocks would be easier to eat. When it comes though it's Mike bringing it. She smiles at him."Where's Colleen?"

Mike smirks."Helping Ma deliver the Jenkins baby." He heads back to the kitchen then she turns to Connor. As she preps a biscuit thinking on Big Jim."Yes I know how he is and you're right of course." At first she felt he was wanting her to do like she did at Hank's but this was different. At that mention of that eastern feller she recalls it vividly."He got lucky Hank was hunting. Took a knife to one of the girls. Like that Eric works for Ewing." she thinks of the offer. "Yes, having a lady helps. Like how to clean up after. Newer gals don't always know that."

The thought of her own room was nice and she truly felt he meant it without the perks Hank would put in. When he begins stumbling she smiles. As he takes her hands she looks deeply into his own."You got a deal. As for the whoein I'm officially retired. I've been ready for awhile to settle down, find the right man. You think I found it."

This really felt good to her. Hank might curse some but she knew he only kept her on cause of how long she worked for him.

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