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GM Post
Hellow Folks. I need all to tell me(even by email) what Shadowrun Books you do Have & what system that i Stated as d20mIssues.
this is a High level Game. so besides making a Charchter, Limit on How Many charch you can make (Limit=8 each). I am Allowing More Money (Start 2,000,000) there will be group Living and Vechiles. you still want some persoanl items. using the 4th ed Shadowrun Companian (Sp), and Build 1,500 Karma. expeiranced Charcht. YUou can Run Any concept pass me.
Game email Alternate_Shadowrun@gmail.com. I also Need extensive Background. 1 page will get you 10Karma, 2 pages will get you 20Karma, 3 Pages will get you 30 Karma, 4 pages will get you 40karma, 5 pages will get you 50Karma, 6+ pages get you 100Karma. if you play 1 character=0 Karma, 2 charcters=200Start /e
No limit on Postive Quality & negativexctra per session, 3 charcter 300Start & 2karma extra per Session, 4 charchters= 400Karma Start extrea +2 karma per game session, 5 character=500 start & 3 extra karma per session. 6 ch=750 karma & 3 extra. 6 charcter (max) =+1,000 Karma Start & 5 extra Game Karma per sessions
No Limit on Postive & Negative Qualitties (other than you can spend More than 30% postive & 30& Negative, but they must balance each out. i will give extra or free, to Drakes, Young Adlut Dragon (not great Dragons yet). (AI) 9n Cyborg Body, or Free Spirit Cyborg Body, or a E Ghost (Dead person) Cyborg. & is from Tir Taingree, or Tir NaNog, Japan, tibet, or Space Clonist. (have wrote up the Awardfs Yet.
you may have to forgive me in Advance, I am 63yrs old, Serve 20yrs Army Airborn Combat Medic. i have Brain Damage, Seizure, 24/7 high pain, so some times i may not beunderstandble, my grama & spelling went to hell. i will try to proff Read, Spell check, Gramer Check.

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