How many we have to Start, charchters havnt been Posted yeu

1. myself NPC/PC, 6 of them, Details later
2. Wife (Troll Combat Adept) &
a Druid/Alchemist(@ characters.
3. My Son, not for Sure yet (2 characters)
4. Local Freind. 2 characters
5. Step Daughter (2 Charcter)
so far we may have 5 Players & (more or less 14 Maybe character. they/we some times, dont post well or often.6. Also i would not mind having an Assitant GM, & could you all, talk this up, get others to play. remeber we can do this online

FYI, (for gathering Players, I will Grant you 500Karma recruit & you get+3Game Karma for each Session they play, Both of you get+25Karmaq for longevty, every 12th game.)

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