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Summary: Keep your distance, and we'll get along just fine...

Tara Coulter

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Gender: Female

Age: 135

Group: Awakened Heroes

Place of Origin and Race

Tara is a Hontian, born of the immortal Adora Coulter, Eternal Empress of Hont. She was born in the Hontian Underworld before Hont conquered the surface world shortly before the Doom of Aeran.

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire/Equipment

Tara is not particularly imposing, standing at only 5'5" tall and weighing just over a hundred pounds soaking wet. She is, however, very distinguishable, with snow-white hair, extremely fair skin, and deep, crimson red eyes. Although her skin is quite smooth, she does not appear all that youthful.

Tara typically dresses in conservative, drab outfits unless she really needs to grab someone's attention. When going into a place she expects to see action, she will take a rapier and throwing knives, or a handgun and a combat dagger depending on which is more appropriate to the universe she's in.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Tara has not had a particularly easy life. Being born in a cutthroat culture (by a more literal definition), Tara learned to always watch her back. Hont was and continues to be a society in which fear is the principle means of control, and so fear has become deeply ingrained in Tara. When Tara met the Star Children, she was forced to overcome her usual tendency to flee when the going got rough in order to fight for what was right, and for awhile, she was able to do this. However, when the Star Children made their last stand, Tara abandoned them, an act that she still has not forgivin herself for. In an attempt to make things right, she has avowed to avenge her friends by destroying her mothers empire, but her 90 year insurgency has been largely ineffective at hindering the expansion of Hont.

Tara is afraid to let people get close to her because she doesn't want them to die like everyone else she has ever loved has. Tara tries to isolate herself by putting up a cold and uncaring mask that conceals the passion, rage, and despair that she feels. For the most part, she is good at keeping up this mask, but under intense stress, her facade can begin to crack.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Being of the bloodline of the powerful sorceress, Adora Coulter, Tara is capable of magic, but she is a substantially weaker mage than most of her siblings. The only magic she uses is short-range lightweight telekinesis, usually as an aid to picking pockets or as a party trick.

As Adora's mastery over the Darkstar grew, she granted the power to create Darkstar portals all of her children so that the empire could expand without her direct involvement, and so Tara was inadvertantly granted this same power.

Being educated as a spy, Tara is very skilled at uncovering and piecing together the information she desires to fullfil her goals.

Tara has learned equestrian skills (because that was how people got around in the universe she was from) and is able to ride a horse proficiently.

Tara is knowledgeable in the ways of hand-to-hand fighting, knife fighting, and sword fighting. She is also quite skilled at using throwing knives and she is a good shot with a pistol.

Tara has learned to be able to use computers competently from some of the people she's met, but she's not a computer wizard by any stretch of the mind.

Tara is a pretty skilled thief, able to pick pockets and locks with surprising ease. She generally knows what obstacles to be aware of and how to map out an escape after pulling off a nefarious deed.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Tara has not been aging terribly well, both physically and emotionally. She's been getting weaker and slower, and she's starting to feel pains from some of the old injuries while the demons of her past continue to haunt her no matter how hard she tries to ignore them.

Tara lacks the strength, agility, and speed necessary to be a devastating warrior.

Tara is not a particularly warm and cuddly person, and although she can get kind people to help her out, she struggles to inspire people.

Character Job, Rank, and/or Titles

The Silver Agent


Tara was one of the many children born to the immortal Adora Coulter, Eternal Empress of Hont. She served as an intelligence field operative for 20 years before she deserted her post. A couple years later, she escaped the Doom of Aran and attempted to settle down elsewhere in the multiverse. However, her mother and much of the Hontian command also escaped, and once they conquered the world they had fled to, their thirst for conquest grew to a much greater scale, with Adora using the power of the Darkstar to transport her forces to different universes. Soon, the universe Tara and her friends had escaped to came under fire. Tara abandoned her friends to escape the wrath of Hont, and by the time she reconsidered and returned to help, she was far too late to save the day. Never forgiving herself nor her mother, Tara has spent the past 90 years fighting a hopeless insurgency against her mother's rapidly expanding empire.

Raised in an environment in which she was expected to murder her way up the organizational ladder while those around her were doing the same, Tara learned to be immoral, ruthless, and paranoid at a young age. When she eventually defected from Hont, Tara eventually found herself amoungst the Star Children, who's destiny it was to lead the people of Aran out of the dying universe. Although Tara never became a paragon of virtue, the righteousness of the Star Children did rub off on her, and she did learn respect, kindness, and compassion. Then, years later, the armies of Hont invaded their new home and slew all of her friends, with Tara's cowardice being the only thing that had saved her.

Although Tara has retained vestiges of the goodness that she learned from the Star Children, most of that is overshadowed by the rage and despair that she conceals behind a cold, uncaring veneer. Now, she seeks only to avenge her friends and take down her mother's malevolent empire, even if it costs Tara her soul.

Player Goals for Character

My hope is that Tara will be an intriguing and sympathetic enough character that people will care about her. Ideally, she should also be able to facilitate the story and contribute to the team without overshadowing the other team members.

Player Questions and Moderator Feedback

I think I know what I'm doing, and I have no feedback for myself at the moment. Candyman, you got anything?

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