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Summary: A strong, boisterous engineer, with a love for heavy firearms.

Lily Zabac

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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Awakened Heroes

Place of Origin and Race


Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire/Equipment

A stocky, muscular brown haired girl, about 5'9". Clothing often casual or overalls, as she spends a lot of time tinkering and fixing things, especially firearms but also vehicles and machinery. Her weapon of choice is a heavy shoulder-mounted rifle she calls Crush, but she always carries a few heavy revolvers for mid-range combat.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Upbeat and outspoken. Forgiving to a fault. Can be competitive when it comes to engineering and physical feats. Wants to prove her worth, following in the footsteps of her great-uncle Ward Zabac, Galbadian war hero who became ambassador to Esthar.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Expert marksman, particularly with heavy guns
Extraordinary mechanic, particularly concerning firearms but with sharp insight into machinery and devices of any kind (except computers, which she knows her way around but not to an extraordinary level).
Can operate a range of vehicles.
Can use stocked magic to heal.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

She's forgiving to a fault, and a more cunning enemy may be able to walk away by feigning remorse. She is very boisterous by nature and may speak before she thinks.

Because of her preference for physical engagement, magic and non-corporeal threats are difficult for her to deal with. Her competitive nature will cause her frustration, particularly in such engagements, and when she gets frustrated she is more likely to act rash and make more mistakes.

Character Job, Rank, and/or Titles

SeeD Cadet in her final year


Lily grew up in awe of her great-uncle Ward Zabac, who she saw as courageous and loyal. Growing up in a small town on the outskirts of the great Galbadian plains, she always wanted to become a SeeD and do heroic acts like the ones she always heard about from Ward's time in the army with Laguna and Kiros. When Galbadia Garden reopened, she was among the first in line to go through SeeD training, and her years of powertraining and engineering knowledge from helping in her mother's repair shop made her an excellent student, although she tended to get into trouble due to her boisterous nature. She is determined to show women can do more than magic when it comes to combat, preferring her (often custom made) heavy firearms and impressive physical abilities.

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(Nim Comment: I'd encourage you to put a little more thought into Lily's weaknesses as you get a better feel for her.)

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Image of Lily Zabac
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