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Summary: Having died once, I'm not eager to do it again.

Kasmia Dragomira

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Gender: Female

Age: Kasmia appears to be in her early 20's

Group: Awakened Heroes

Place of Origin and Race

Resurrected Draemorthan female previously from Ceikando, a smaller province far to the north in a desolate landscape of brutal and perpetual winter.

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire/Equipment

After three and a half centuries dead and in the ground, Kasmia was resurrected through powerful blood magic and restored to subjective perfection as envisioned by a demonic being. She possesses a mesh of qualities many cultures associate with the vampire or zombie, but she lacks fangs and her flesh is not rotting. Indeed her flesh is unchanging; she was given a second, abiding youth and will remain in that condition until forces outside of time act to circumvent the power that brought her to this state.

She is taller now at 6’2” than she was in her first life and her long raven black hair is oddly incandescent, often spilling over her pointed ears. There is no innocence left on her young face - a hard, cold face devoid of excessive expressions. The pale cheeks rise when she is obliged to smile and smooth lips part when she must laugh, but always with the impression that they move and shift to satisfy an expectation in others. There is nothing offered in the between times to suggest a living being hides behind that porcelain mask. Her eyes are a shade of blue not found on the face of any Draemorthan in history and they are frightening in their unblinking intensity, imparting neither mirth nor malice. Her rich voice is high and feminine, but occasionally carries with it a deep reflection of threat. Kasmia is beautiful and terrible to look upon - neither living or dead.

Her clothing is a sleeveless garb from her native world, comprised of black veined leather and hundreds of soft spongy patches - three dimensional and geometric. It’s easily repaired, but not designed for protection; rather the absorption of blood.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Kasmia is still possessed of an arrogance that comes from long years in a position of power, but she’s learning to embrace the notion that individuals are more than the sum of their parts; that the differences and defiance in others can help bring about change when total servitude could not. She is not intentionally cruel or perverse in her interactions, but her mischievous side can be a bit coarse.

The culture of the Draemorthan people encourages a zealous nature when it comes to their prostration and submission to the whim of their demons, but Kasmia lost much of this zeal when she abandoned Yeknekhoth. She is excitable and prone to defensive fervor when the uninformed speak ill of demons in general, but she is for the most part a quiet observer; piecing together what she sees with what she suspects. The time she’s spent with the five lesser demons who fled with her from Draemorth has taught her that it is possible to have a relatively platonic relationship with those to whom you worship. And the Being’s influence has shown her that devotion need not involve the death of innocents.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Blood Magic is a life-based magic system in which the caster sacrifices Life Essence, either their own health or the health of others, that can be used to power rituals, summonsing, alchemy and spell creation. For the Draemorthan people, those sacrifices are made to demons who in turn provide the esoteric material and fuel for working the magic.

- Does not age and there appear to be no limit to the cycle of cell division going on inside of her body and the length of a cell's telomeres.

- Can take vast amounts of damage before succumbing to loss of stamina or vital fluids

- Has limited control of autonomic and subconscious physiological processes ie accelerated healing provided she has her tree sap elixir

- She’s very practiced at moving others toward her ideas and goals.

Blaster Casting:
- The manifestation or growth of Tentacles used for combat - throwing objects/people, strangling, impaling, whips or bludgeoning weapons

- Sprays corrupted blood or shoots it in globs (10 foot radius) - the blood itself is corrosive, eating away at organic material

- Can spawn minor minions to do her bidding - think fist-sized spiders rather than monsters

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

- She's not indestructible - can sustain (roughly) a combination of 10 solid cuts from lighter bladed weapons or 5 hits from heavier melee weapons or a burst or two of automatic weapons fire. She should even be able to survive a couple of head shots from a pistol, but this has not been tested.

- She is now sustained by a rare tree sap available exclusively from the Being.

- Under the Being’s custody, Kasmia has been forbidden from harming innocents or expending their blood in her magic and has been weaned off blood of sentient life forms as a source of her own sustenance. There still remains an addictive quality to the blood which she must contend with.

- As a regenerative creature with sap in her veins, she is highly vulnerable to damage by fire, especially lasers.

- She is susceptible to poisons and toxins, poisoned blade attacks in particular - when she drank blood these toxins were easily expunged by simply bleeding them out, but on her new diet wounds seal themselves quickly and toxins are trapped within her body.

- Kasmia was rendered barren, incapable of reproduction or cell adaptation

Character Job, Rank, and/or Titles

She was a Priestess then a Blood Priestess and often referred to as the Queen of Gallows, though it was not done from a place of respect or inferred sovereignty. She’s given all that up and her new role under the Being’s custody, or tutelage as he may call it, has yet to be disclosed to her.


Long ago, Kasmia was a vestal Priestess in the Eastern region of Draemorth’s capital province. It was a familial position she was born into; the next in a countless line of generations charged with preserving the temple, scrolls and rituals in the service of their patron demon, Yeknekhoth. As conditions grew worse, the villagers turned on her kin and she fled to the frozen wastelands of the north where she perished in the elements.

When she was resurrected by Yeknekhoth 400 years later, she was bestowed the ceremonious title of Blood Priestess, while the current leader of the Draemorthan Union, Galowyn Alcanzar, paraded her around as a testament to his power and worthiness to lead. She was treated like something of a magical trophy or biological prototype claimed by both Galowyn Alcanzar and Yeknekhoth. It was their magic, after all, that had raised her from the dead. Alcanzar brought her out on display like some sort of Muse then she was put away - kept under close guard until her next appearance, under claims it was for her protection. For many years she had no real objections to this as she had previously lived an impoverished life of solitude and learning. Now she lived a life of opulent solitude and darker learning so it was not so different. She learned pieces of magic well beyond her previous abilities, but over time her feelings on the matter began to change. Though initially little more than a figurehead, she slowly took on more weighty responsibilities in the leadership of Galowyn’s people.

Kasmia wanted to join the fighting directly, but she wanted Draemorth to return to the way it was 400 years ago when they weren't at war and were all free to practice magic and die in the trying. Galowyn Alcanzar continued to share his vile magic with more and more worlds to establish the Draemorthan Union’s dominance. Kasmia pushed back against being used as a mouthpiece or reminder of someone else's power; frustrated and embittered - when this began she had been promised power and sovereignty of her own. Yeknekhoth was gaining in strength, but by consuming or suppressing all opposition, he was perverting Draemorth’s rich culture of worship to a diverse pantheon of demons.

After many years of a complicated duty and union to Yeknekhoth, Kasmia forsook him along with most of the powers and abilities he’d conferred on her. She abandoned her duties and fled, guided by five trivial demons who had also retreated from the onslaught of Yeknekhoth’s dynasty. Those lesser demons discovered safety and strength in their own union and guided her towards one rumored capable of breaking her connection to Yeknekhoth and her dependence upon blood.

She’s taken refuge under the protection of the Being and undergone a difficult adjustment to an alternate source of nutriment and influence - a rare and uniquely designed tree sap. At the Being’s touch and discretion she was Awakened and strives to understand the purpose for it all.

“I had long believed Alcanzar to be a fool and over time became resentful towards both he and Yeknekhoth. He told me I was a goddess and I wanted to believe him, but I never did. One and the other, man and demon sought to use me towards their own ends. Alcanzar treated me as his trophy and wife, parading me around as a testament to his power and right to rule; but only when I was not obligated to his bed. Day and Night Yeknekhoth whispered in my ear that I was his greatest accomplishments, but he too sought to control me and take my body as his own. And all the while they undertook the misguided aim to spread the worship of Yeknekhoth to distant worlds. Yeknekhoth vowed to snuff out all other demons and in so doing, diminish my people’s diverse rituals shared among a multitude of spirits and celestial beings. I grew tired of serving masters who claimed I was their equal while they preened me into subservience. Then one day I discovered hidden records of my bloodline; a bloodline I’d been told was ended in me, but that too was a lie. It was the final affront and I could bear no more.” - Kasmia

Player Goals for Character

Present her as the monster with good intentions, dealing with reactions and opinions of others regarding her nature and past as she’s learning to lead those who are not required to follow.

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Image of Kasmia Dragomira
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