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Summary: Live by blood, flames, and steel or not at all.


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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Awakened Heroes

Place of Origin and Race

Rohan, Kingdom of Lodrun


Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire/Equipment

Horns stand at six feet and eight inches tall, his horns add about five additional inches. He prefers wearing light clothing, currently leather and is adorned in tribal-styled bone charms and small trophies of combat. On his back is a small pack which holds rations and a few options, his coin purse jingles at his waist near his bone blade. Horns' face bears two scars, the rest of him bearing much more, as a result of his snappy yet less than aesthetically pleasing healing factor. He gets his black hair and somewhat human facial features from his human half, and from his Toe half, large horns jut out of his head, fangs protrude from his top and bottom jaws, and his eyes are a featureless milky white surrounded by a pool of blackened skin. Before, he would wear wrappings over his face to hide his facial appearance, but he feels it hardly matters anymore. As a Tor, Horns sports a lean physique, built for maximum athleticism and stamina.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Growing up in the wilderness, albeit with limited help from the likes of bloodthirsty raiders, Horns has learned to trust his instincts more than anything else. His sense of right and wrong isn't as strong as it could be, but on his path to redemption, at least he's making an effort to move the right way.

After having blacked out and murdered almost his entire guild, Horns has come to know that he needs to keep his anger in check if he wants to keep the people close to him safe. As it has been for most of his life, Horns has never really done anything simply because it was the right thing to do, most times these actions were taken out of bloodlust or vengeance. Given a warm bed and hot food, Horns couldn't care much who he works for or what he's doing, and therefore going to new places and joining new people isn't all that jarring to him. Horns had joined the Heroes Guild of Picket for the sole purpose of redeeming himself for killing his former mercenary guildmates, however, having been swept up and sent to the Being's world, redemption isn't all that much of an option anymore. At least, not in the way he had envisioned it.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

-Natural Tor Powers-


Most of Horns' tankiness comes from his natural regenerative abilities. While he can take damage well, his body's ability to heal wounds in minutes makes him even harder to put down. Horns can take several stabs from a small blade, and slashes from a sword. If he were run through, he would have to sit out for a moment and let the wound heal. Slicing his throat or piercing his skull would be the best way to put him down through pure damage alone, but with minimal medical attention beyond wrapping the wound, he could still pull through. Small arms fire does minimal damage, and from a relatively weak gun, he could take a few headshots. A headshot from a high-velocity sniper rifle would put him down in one shot.


This ferocious and fear-of-god inflicting ability is what Tor are most known for, where they originate from. What most don't know is that it hurts like hell, no pun intended. They are resistant to fire, yes, but they can feel every singe. As a Half-Tor, Horns' fire-breathing ability is diminished, being reduced to short bursts of fire rather than menacing columns, and the pain caused by it is substantially worse, to the point of actual damage being inflicted if he isn't careful.

Elemental Resistance

Tor don't take as much damage from the natural elements; burning fire, numbing ice, or toxic poison.


Due to their genetic relation to Orcs, though faded, they have retained the ability to see much farther than humans in the dark. Of, course, this is diminished for Horns, but still better than human sight.



Being half-blooded had almost no effect on Horns' prowess in hand to hand combat, and fighting in general. Be it great axes, spears, sword, and shield, or even his own horns, the Half-Tor is definitely deadly up close and personal.

Pain Tolerance

Horns is definitely your half-man when you want someone who can take a punch. Tor aren't known to complain in the face of pain, and Horns is no exception. Let's just say, physical torture isn't the best way to break him.


The only reason Horns' ever abandoned someone is because they were taken from him by death or unfortunate occurrences (or both). He may be a brutal fighting machine, but if you get through his thick fire retardant skin, he won't be fast to turn on you.


Instinctive Weaponized Aptitude

While it isn't his most defined skill, Horns possesses the ability to learn how to use weapons adeptly with limited to almost no observation or experience. At the moment it's only limited to melee weapons.

Nbv Chkri (NUV CHUH-REE) Brawling

A vicious fighting style, which is named, when translated from Mhkrci (MIK-KREE), the native Torish language, means "brutal improvisation". The Tor, and by extension, Horns, tend to use whichever limb is closest to the target to do as much damage as possible. This fighting style is characterized by lots of grappling, head butting, and slamming the target into various objects in the vicinity.

Shockwave Spell

(With a stomp, the user sends a wave of force through the earth, staggering any foes and allies alike within a 5-foot radius)

As the only spell Horns has ever managed to learn and use effectively in combat, the Half-Tor is rather proud of this ability. As a fighter, however, he knows not to flaunt said ability, as it is most effective with precise timing.

Basic Survival

Now, Horns is no nature guru or expert survivalist, but his beat-the-shit-out-of-everything-then-burn-it-then-eat-it method seems to be somewhat effective. On top of this, Horns has some skill in cutting, cooking and seasoning meat, as well as basic shelter building. Due to his childhood, he has conditioned himself to survive in the wilds.

--Awakened Abilities--

Universal Comprehension

Due to being Awakened, Horns can understand any and every language.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations


Magically Inept

The Tor race didn't decide to be collectively good fighters simply because they thought it was cooler or more efficient than magic. Most Tor find it difficult to grasp the concept of magic itself, let alone utilize it in combat.

Being a Half-Tor usually diminishes Torish abilities and quirks, but in this case, it works in Horns' favor. Horns has overcome his inborn fear of the arcane and managed to learn a single spell; Shockwave. While an elf, or perhaps any other humanoid, for that matter, might scoff at this, such a thing might drop the jaws of any Tor, for only another of their ilk would understand just how difficult accomplishing such a thing truly is.

Magical Aversion

Tor don't take much damage from the natural elements. When imbued with magic, however, the Tor start to sweat. Tor hate magic, the hate to use it, they hate to be near it, and they especially hate to be attacked by it. While it won't cause instant death or anything, Tor are at least a third more susceptible to magical attacks, especially those that DON'T mimic natural elements.

Short Range Repitoire

One of Horns' most visible weaknesses is his short-range brawling attack style, which makes him very ineffective at long distances. He can run fast and reach far, but he can do much from range.

Character Job, Rank, and/or Titles

(Formerly) Raider
(Currently) Mercenary / Adventurer-for-Hire

(Currently) The Crimson Champion


Tor was born in a small town called Rohan within the Kingdom of Lodrun of a full-blooded Tor father and a Human mother, conceived against his mother's will during a raid. Shaken and traumatized, his young mother tried her best to care for her son, but when the boy sprouted horns and began coughing fire, the maiden's relatives pressured her into leaving her beast-child in the woods. She agreed and the child was abandoned in the wilds far from his birth town. In spite of his position, the young Half-Tor persisted, and while he lived like an animal, he lived. Years of sparring with wild animals ingrained within him the natural instincts of battle. Clashing with a group of raiders expanding their territory, the young Half-Tor bested their grunts in battle and held his own against the raider's most experienced fighter, surviving on his instincts alone. Because he was an individual and uncivilized to the point of having intelligence similar to a clever animal, the raiders assimilated the Half-Tor into their band. It was here he got the nickname Horns due to the appendages jutting out of his head. His instinctual fighting style was refined through sparring, Horns' seemingly extensive grasp on the art of battle justified the time and effort those raiders put into making him a better fighter. It wasn't by much, but it was enough. Horns learned to keep his weapon by his side, and learned to use his weapon, whatever it was, as an extension of his own body.

While an adequate fighter, Horns had never developed any sort of relationship with anyone due to his ignorance and beast-like qualities but compared to searching for scraps and battling the beasts of the wild, life was good. However, things turned upside-down when a man named Berand who was once a member of the raider band attacked with a group of mercenaries. Horns fought his way out of the raid, escaping wounded but with his life intact. The wounds healed quickly, but the Half-Tor was alone yet again, at the mercy of his own wits. He found surviving a bit easier due to his increased combative skill, however, he did not enjoy it. He eventually came across yet another bandit camp. He was perceived to be a threat, and so those bandits sent after him their strongest and most capable fighter, a full-blooded Tor woman whose name turned out to be Maw. The fight was short-lived, as Maw wanted to bring the young Half-Tor in rather the slay the closest thing she had ever had to kin. Horns, more than happy to oblige joining yet another bandit camp, began training under the Tor woman, who was an experienced and capable fighter. Using Tor's already well established fighting sense as a base, Maw helped Horns optimize his fighting style, a heavy emphasis on making every movement count. Horns grew attached to her, almost revering her as she taught him almost everything he now knows. She further developed his intelligence and ability to articulate, his wariness in pre-combat situations and his ability to always know how to start a fight with an advantage. Unfortunately, Horns' master and mentor met an untimely end when his camp was again attacked while the Half-Tor was out gathering firewood.

He found Maw burned badly by some unknown means, fire shouldn’t have harmed her so badly. Clinging on to life, Maw told Horns one last thing. “You are a Tor. Horns, now act like it.” That was all she had the strength. Horns was enraged. Having tasted true loss and grief for the first time, he began a hunt for his master's killer, pledging to himself that he wouldn't give out until his task was accomplished. He visited the town of Picket for the first time, and it was the first time he had wandered out of Lodrun's seemingly never-ending wood since he was a child. Picket, on the contrary, was a vast landscape of green, rolling hills and flat, never-ending plains, unlike anything he had ever seen. Horns stayed the night in a local Inn, and it was here that trail he had been following lit back up once more.

In the dark of the night, an assassin entered his room and approached his cot, but Horns’ battling with the grief of losing his mentor, was not asleep. Needless to say, the assassin was cooked. Horns actions had angered whatever shadowy organization wanted him dead, and their efforts to make it so doubled. Horns beat the last mercenary after him to a pulp and forced him to announce to the location of the organization that wanted his head, the merc had managed to give him a location before succumbing to his wounds. Horns set off on a week-long journey, through the forests, up into the grey cliffs, where he found a giant daunting fortress, home of the Mercenary's Guild. Of course, The Half-Tor wasn’t scared, and would not be deterred. There was an epic showdown as Horns dispatched the fortress guards left and right, edged ever-so-closer to the gates. It was then that the fortress’ leader took notice and stepped into the light. A man named Berand. At the time, Horns had not made the connection, the name seemed familiar but he couldn’t place it. However, when this man offered the Half-Tor a place with his soldier and mercenaries, Horns didn’t much care for the name anymore. Within two years time, Horns would have traveled to almost every place and province within the kingdom, taking out bandit leaders and raider camps in each place. His lethality was known among Berand’s guild, so much so that he was given attention from the higher echelons. A female mercenary, proficient in magic, and came to Horns, revealing herself as the sister of the very merc he had beaten to a pulp in order to find the fortress in the first place. She admired his ruthlessness. As ruthless as he is, the mage noted a lack of arcane attacks in his repertoire. To this effect, she sought to teach him a spell that might aid him in battle, shockwave, and after months of grueling training, due to his hybridity, or by sheer luck, she was successful. This was but an added boon, effectively making Horns even deadlier than he already was. And that made him invaluable to the guild. However, things wouldn’t always be so peachy.

Horns position made others question his true strength. One particular sorcerer especially despised the Half-Tor, as he held the spot of most vicious and skilled mercenary, a spot the sorcerer felt was entitled to him due to his magical prowess. Angered to a boiling point, the sorcerer cornered Horns, and he was wise to the Half-Tor’s greatest weakness, offensive magic, especially that of lighting. With beams of burning electricity, he brought Horns to his knees, and it almost seemed as if the horned warrior would finally be usurped. But when he mentioned that he had slain a female Tor in a similar manner, the cogs started turning. The burns his master had sustained, they weren't from any sort of fire-based attack. It had to be lightning. Horns felt angrier than he ever had in a long time. He pushed against the lightning, tackling the sorcerer and beating him into unrecognizability. To this day, the last thing Horns remembers is seeing red.

He awoke later, surrounded by bodies, all of which, he would soon come to realize, had been slain and mangled by him. He fled the scene, and his grief followed. He saw himself as a monster, a beast unrestrained by the laws of man. In an attempt to repent, he joined the heroes guild, silently hoping he would be able to restrain himself should he go ballistic again.

Player Goals for Character

Develop and play out a great internal struggle, Man vs the Monster within.

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