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Summary: Mr. Sandman... Bring me a dream.~

Geb Semari (P)

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Awakened Heroes

Place of Origin and Race



Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire/Equipment

Standing around 5'11 and weighing about 140lbs, Geb is a tall boy who tends to dress warmly for those cold nights. He wears furs and a scarf to combat the cold, has sewn on a hood to his outfit and keeps that on in the event that he's up and active during the daytime. He wears gloves both for gripping his bow better and to avoid physical contact with people since doing so will put them to sleep.

Geb carries around a bow and arrows for protection. Use image above as reference for bow and arrows. Ignore hatchet, as Geb doesn't do meele combat.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Personality: Geb is a quiet guy, he typically spends his time alone so struggles with human interaction. While not open to speaking to others, he will avoid it if he can. Doesn't like coffee for some reason, refuses to divulge why. Growing up in a cold, dead world helped him adjust to terrible people and not so nice concepts. Above all else, Geb believes in the concept of hope that that no person should ever be given up on. He's seen the life that dreams can give a person and lives to give people the Hope he is tasked with spreading.

Interests: Geb enjoys quiet nights. While his nights were typically spent flying across cities, casting magic, and shooting monsters, he does love the night life. He also enjoys movies. Unfortunately for him, his world no longer is capable of using technology that would allow for movies to be made, much to his dismay. Instead he collects books he might find in someone's home on his travels. One of his favorite things though is the Sun rising over Unix and the smell of fresh bread being baked.

Goals: Geb is tasked with spreading hope to Unix. By granting dreams, people can envision the future, one that isn't as dark as the present. He hopes to help guide Unix to a better future one day, even if he's only helping one person. It'll be enough for him.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Geb is, in our folklore's definition, a Sandman. He can:
-Induce Sleep/Exhaustion
-Manipulate Dreams
-Control magic Dream Sand
The sleep inducement is harder to do without direct contact with his Dream Sand or if the target has ingested large amounts of caffeine.

Geb is a great archer due to the many monsters that lurk in the night that do not enjoy the fact that he flies around in the dark.

Geb is great at sneaking around. Well, it's not that hard when you can fly alongside being able to make people more drowsy and less likely to notice him.

Persuasion is one of Geb's strong suits. He just needs to get people tired enough and suggest something in a way that makes it seem like it was their idea in the first place and there he goes. Of course, it doesn't always work because some people are cranky when tired.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Geb isn't good at many things. For one, he's nocturnal and has grown to hate being in the Sun. He'll do it, but he'll stay with his hood on while in the Sun. Geb isn't good with technology. His world lacks advanced technology after certain events wiped out a lot of it. Phones, computers, cars, he'll struggle. Geb will fly, thank you very much. As mentioned before, Geb is terrible with people. He prefers them asleep, is far too curious about personal information, and seems to lack an understanding of mental boundaries. He'll put people to sleep if they make physical contact with him. If someone is already asleep, he'll jump into their dreams and observe, occasionally joining the dream himself.

Limitations: Geb can fly for extended periods of time but must eventually land to rest. The longest he's flown would be about a night and half a day, but that was pushing it. After about a whole night he begins to get tired.
Geb's Dream Sand can automatically put people to sleep if he choses to make it do so, but he himself has a harder time doing any of his Sandman jobs without it. through physical contact he can achieve the same effect his Dream Sand has, but without it, putting someone to sleep becomes a test of wills.
Geb's Dream Sand is a finite resource and takes time to gather or create. In order to create Dream Sand, Geb has to imbue regular sand with his Dream Magic, which turns it gold, signifying that it is Dream Sand. The process's time length differs depending on how long he spends converting so he typically keeps a large sack of Dream Sand with him in his backpack for work.

Character Job, Rank, and/or Titles

Job: Geb is a Sandman
Rank: As far as he knows, Geb is the one and only Sandman.
Title: Sandman


The world of Unix is a pitiful one. At only two years of age, Geb experienced a catastrophic shift in his world's operation. Back then Unix was much like modern day Earth. Technology and culture were huge, but everything changed when a man appeared one day and declared himself the new world leader. Many objected to this proclamation and the man allowed them all to challenge him. In the end, they all lost. The man, known as Shen, started kidnapping people and sending them to a different world, letting the rest of Unix fall to ruin. Everything became impossible to regulate, technology was banned and destroyed, nobody had the means to object. Anything beyond simple trading of goods and services was declared unnecessary and the world fell back into simple times. Medicine still existed thankfully, kept moving due to the collective efforts of healers and scientists remaining to spite Shen.
Geb grew up in a world that was struggling to survive under the watchful eye of a powerful dictator. Nobody could challenge him because all who did died and couldn't pass information to the next to challenge. Geb, however, had no thought of opposing Shen. He lived his life as normally as one could in those times and just hoped for a better future. He read books to escape reality and while everyone spent their time just going with the flow, he spent time trying to think of ways to make life easier. One night he was visited by a spirit. Well, he wasn't sure the man was a spirit, but he was very spirity. He flew into Geb's room one night and Geb, who had been hiding under his blankets reading stories, only noticed him after the man asked why he was not asleep. Geb and the man spent several hours just speaking to each other about random things until the man said he had to leave. Before he left though he offered Geb a small necklace with a small pendant that held a little bit of gold sand that was labeled "Hope". After touching the sand, Geb gained control of the Sandman's abilities, which he discovered he had after reading some folklore from before Shen. He knew what he needed to do by following example and set out to grant dreams to those who needed them or those he decided should have them. Of course, this wasn't without obstacles. Monsters lurked in the night, like giant bats or griffons, who would love to consume a boy flying around in the dark. He had to pick up archery on the fly (heh) and over the years has grown quite good at both his job and the bow.

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I hope to give Geb a good story.

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