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Summary: Cataloging is what I do.

Mackenzie Waller

Gender: MtF

Age: 34

Group: Awakened Heroes

Place of Origin and Race

Caucasian, "British", Alt Sol System early 22nd century, humanoid descendant from Sharks. Home planet Ganymede.

Result, humans with sharp teeth, omnivorous.

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire/Equipment

Thin build, 5'11" Slightly mature face, looks a bit like someone who could be a mother or a young librarian though she tries to keep looking young in attempts to find someone to settle down with. Long red hair and emerald green eyes wears red glasses on a chain.

Labcoat, black skirt, white dress shirt, black pantyhose when working.
Shorts and tank top when not working.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Quirks- Snorts when she laughs to hard, sneezes when she gets nervous, mumbles and is unable to think when flirted with.
Interests - The thoughts of other universes being so very much the same and completely different all at the same time. Cooking, 'Trashy' novels.
Goals - Too visit and catalog as many universes as she can, settle down and get married.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Powers- None
Skills- cataloging, MacGyver like skills
Strengths- intellect, problem solving and making lists.

Has a personally designed handheld warp-device, but she still needs to work out the kinks.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Weakness - Easily flustered easily hot and bothered.
Flaw -Tends to only write down what she finds interesting about a place and not always useful information.
Weakness - Can't really fight. But will attempt to defend herself if pinned down in a 'countered animal' kind of way.

Character Job, Rank, and/or Titles

Universal cataloger, inventor, scientist, Identifies and logs information about universes, such as Air quality, outward culture comparisons and things like that.


As a child he was interested in comic books and stories about other worlds just like our but slight differences. Loving the idea of how the outcome of a coin flip would and could change everything. Eventually he started to obsessively live his life by this measure. Taking chances on a coin flip. Though a coin flip wasn't what pushed him into his change. She knew it changed the course of an infinite number of themselves. For better or worse.

When she was 15 she made a freeze gun out of a hair dryer and an old mini fridge.

Player Goals for Character

Just to have fun,

Player Questions and Moderator Feedback

Can you please let me know before/if you change anything?

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Image of Mackenzie Waller
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