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Summary: A faerie elf with a sweet disposition

Orla Carling

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Gender: Female

Age: 347

Group: Significant Locals

Place of Origin and Race

Orla is a breed of faerie elf native to the Skeldergate Forest in the Two Kingdoms universe.

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire/Equipment

Orla has a medium length bob of straw-coloured hair that frames a round, heart-shaped face, with rose-tinted lips, dimpled cheeks, and a pert little nose. Her pink-white skin is smooth and luminous, and her eyes are an unusual shade of blue that seem to shimmer like pools of liquid silver. She stands at five feet two inches (157 cm) and weighs about 105 lbs (47 kg). Though quite slight of build, her small figure is well proportioned, with a slim waist that tapers to gently flaring hips and pretty legs. With her hair concealing her elfen-shaped ears, she can pass for a human, but just pass. If in her company for long enough her ethereal presence and light musical voice will tend to betray her Fey nature.

She grew up wearing brief frocks woven of flower petals, leaves, and raw caterpillar silk that left her barelegged and often barefooted in a plain and simple fashion not unlike other woodland folk adapted to the outdoors. Since living in the Dalen capital, she tends to dress more civilised, favouring vibrantly coloured, simple designs that appeal to her tastes and allow her to blend in with the local human populace.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Orla is a kind, sweet, compassionate, and upbeat girl, always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. She is unfailingly pleasant and well-mannered, but sometimes has a distracted air due to her powerful mystical senses picking up things in the surrounding ether. In Dalen, she enjoyed experimenting with new teas, growing different and unfamiliar plants and flowers, and hanging around with her friend, Horo Inu. She is always ready to drop whatever she is doing to perform her service to the Fernoia cult, which has dispatched her on numerous small, but vital missions, such as to infiltrate Dalen's Royal Archives, to befriend the crown prince of Verden, and to pay a visit to Horo's shop of curios to investigate its strange eponymous owner.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Orla has extensive knowledge of magical rituals, spells, faeriecraft, and arcane lore of her otherworldly kin that she began learning when she was just a child. Due to her particular fey bloodline she possesses an innate capacity to channel mystical energies that exist in nature. Her powers are strongest in oldgrowth forests that are rich in these energies.

She is skilled at telepathy (scanning minds, including those of animals, and communicating thoughts at long distances) empathy (reading a person's emotional state and nudging it to her advantage) nature control (earth, plants and even mostly dead wood, as well as the localized weather to an extent) enchantment (bestowing objects with magical ability and casting illusions) and various energy manipulation magicks, most especially life energy, whose control she has honed over centuries of practice.

She also has fundamental abilities inherent to her unique breed, most notably a lifespan that surpasses a thousand years, very strong mystical psionic senses, extraordinary eye sight and night vision, and in-built flight by way of translucent, insect-like wings that appear and disappear as she wishes.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Unlike human mages of the Two Kingdoms Orla's magical abilities, along with her physical health, are greatly affected by iron, which is capable of neutralizing her powers, incapacitating her, and even outright killing her, depending on her level of exposure to it.

Her magic decreases in comparatively lifeless environments such as deserts and urban settings where she must rely on only her inner reserves.

Small boned and slightly built, her kind are not as physically strong as the average human.

Having grown up in a woodland society that knew no real internal strife, psychologically she is gentle and utterly non-aggressive. She therefore has no combat experience of any kind, and is next to useless in a fight. Though able to perform significant and complex spells, she is unversed in battle magic, and her stock of defensive spells are limited and largely unpractised.

She has lived most of her life outside human society and is still ignorant and somewhat naïve in the ways of city dwelling humans, though Horo Inu has taken to educating her, notably taking her to a gambling den and casino in Dalen's capital.

Character Job, Rank, and/or Titles

Orla has no titles or rank but comes from a respected and ancient fey bloodline. In Dalen she made a successful living as a florist, horticulturalist, and herb gardener, whilst covertly working for the Cult of Fernoia.


Orla was born to a secretive, secluded clan of faerie elves who devotedly worshipped the ancient Aeranian goddess of nature, Fernoia. She lived for centuries deep in the primeval Skeldergate forest of Verden before being sent posing as a Verdish refugee to live in Dalen and carry out the secret work of the Fernoia cult. Orla dwelled in an enchanted rooftop garden in the capital that she maintained with her magicks, and which in turn nourished her powers and life force by way of a tiny amount of the Skeldergate's transplanted energy field that was divinely gifted to her. Upon the city's destruction, she has once again returned to live in her traditional forest home.

Player Goals for Character

Orla is another of my old Two Kingdoms characters who will serve in a recurring supportive role.

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