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Summary: Shy, cute dog with toxic fangs


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Gender: Male

Age: 16 humanyears

Group: Awakened Heroes

Place of Origin and Race

Earth, dog

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire/Equipment

He has green-white fur withcute, blue eyes. His equipment is a bandana and a collar

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

He can be pretty mad, he likes it to watch, what the other people are doing and has no goals

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

He can be faster than light and his fangs are highly toxic. You don't wanna get bit from this puppy

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

At his speed he has very less control and can easily be beaten, because he is very weak on it's own

Character Job, Rank, and/or Titles

He is besides his abilitys a normal stray dog


He was a laborrat and managed it to break out. His parents were killed by the professors.

Player Goals for Character

He don't has any goals and is very shy

Player Questions and Moderator Feedback

Hi... sup

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Image of Kota
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