This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on May 3, 2019, 8:10pm

Rules and Expectations for EoC Redux

Please note that for the purpose of these rules, moderators are considered players, and all rules and expectations that apply to players also apply to moderators unless noted otherwise.


1. Players are required to have a functioning email address that they check regularly on their Ongoing Worlds Profile Page. An email will be sent to all members who submit a character to said email address, and the character will not be approved until the member responds to that email.

2. Players are allowed to write words and actions for other players’ characters if they feel it is necessary to move the story at a reasonable pace. When doing this, players should strive to write the character’s behavior the way the creator displayed the character behaving in previous such situations. If there is not enough information to work with, writing for another player’s character should be avoided when possible.
- If a player doesn’t want anyone writing their character, period, they can place a “(P)” at the end of their character’s profile name. Be aware that moderators can still write for this character if they deem it absolutely necessary.

3. In order to make the narratives easier to follow, all posts should be prefaced with setting information in the following format:
Location – Date – Time of Day
For example:
The Village of Rohan, Dalen - Day 2 - Early Afternoon
- Once the narratives of the characters diverge, the words “Link to previous post” with said text being linked to the previous post in the narrative.
- Each mission that our heroes will be given a title in an OOC mission brief post that will be posted by narrative’s moderator. An acronym of this title should preface the title of all IC posts of that mission. For instance, if we had called the mission to find Aiden in the original EoC "Saving Aiden", then each post in that mission would start with SA: (Insert Post Title)
4. OOC posts should be reserved for in-game things that could be relevant to most of the members in the game. We don't need to create a knee jerk OOC post when one member is prompt-locking a narrative for four days. Send an email first, and if they're still unresponsive, then we can try an OOC post.

5. Players should be prepared to post once a week. If inactivity from a player holds up a narrative for at least 6 days without the consent of the other participating members, the moderator of said narrative should send a checkup email to the obstructive player. If the player doesn’t respond to the email or produce a post within 4 days, the moderator should take whatever action they deem necessary to get the narrative moving again.

6. If a player wants to make an NPC (who can be written by any member, although the stipulations of Rule 2 should still be considered), they should reach out to the moderator of their narrative with an idea of what this character would contribute to the story before they create the character. If the moderator thinks the character can work with the ongoing narrative, the player can proceed to create the character profile, and the mods can approve or request tweaks from there.

Expectations of Players:

• Players should respond to emails sent to them in a timely manner (within 3 days) whenever possible, especially those sent from moderators.

• Players should strive to respond to prompts in a timely manner (within 3 days) whenever possible. If a player believes that there is a high likelihood of them not being able to write a post within a week of a prompt, they should communicate this to their team so that the other members and the moderator can plan accordingly.

• Players should ask their moderators and/or fellow members for clarification of rules, expectations, and narrative/character/setting details that they are confused about. If no questions are asked, we generally tend to believe that our writing is being understood, and if that is not the case, we should be made aware of that.

• Players should strive to be courteous to their fellow members in all communications. If you are feeling angry when you are writing an email or an OOC post/comment, you should wait 24 hours before sending it. If you believe that some sort of communication is necessary, it is acceptable to say “I can’t send anything now, I’ll shoot you an email later.” or something like that.

• The skill Matrices exist to guide character actions toward compliance with agreed upon talents and abilities. If you’re low in melee combat abilities you should anticipate poor results when choosing that avenue of attack. Play to your strengths and let others do the same, making this a team effort to achieve successful results.

• Players are encouraged to update their character’s profiles as they flesh out their character’s personality and the character learns new skills or takes on new jobs. If the writer’s goals for the character changes, that section can be updated as well.

Expectations of Moderators:

• Moderators should seriously consider the suggestions and constructive criticism of other members instead of outright dismissing these ideas. This does not mean that moderators have to consent to everything thrown at them, but even the most unconventional or seemingly unsuitable ideas can be worked with, although compromises might need to be made.

• Moderators should strive to keep their narratives moving. If they find themselves in a situation where they aren’t sure how to do that, they should ask for help.

• If a moderator needs to take a leave of absence for more than a few days, they should communicate this to their team, and if they believe it is necessary, assign narrative responsibility to another member for the duration of their absence.

Character Profile Label Descriptions

Place of Origin and Race
- Fairly self explanatory, anything important about where the character hails from and their ethnicity should be mentioned here.

Physical Appearence and Preferred Attire/Equipment
- Pretty much the usual, although I'd like it if people could be more specific than "See pic". Pictures don't usually convey a character's height all that well. Also, list what we can typically expect the character to be wearing and any gear they might be carrying.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals
- A slightly more specific spin on the usual "Personality and Interests" label, this label asks for non-typical habits or mannerisms that a character might have, things that the character is interested in, and goals that the character is working toward.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths
- This should be a fairly comprehensive list of the things the character is good at doing. All magical/super powers should be listed here, as should notable skills and areas where the character is abnormally gifted.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations
- Areas where the character reliably struggles, destructive personality/physical traits, and the limitations of the character's powers should be listed here.

Character Job, Rank, and/or Titles
- This section is mostly for support characters, but for the heroes, we can list which team they are a part of and any designated role they have in that team should they become so organized.

- A brief-ish summary of details in the character's history that could be relevant to the character's position and behavior in the game should be mentioned here.

Player Goals for Character
- Things that the writer wants for their character should go here. The more detailed this section is, the easier it will be for moderators to tailor the ongoing narrative toward allowing the player to fulfill these goals.

Player Questions and Moderator Feedback
- If the player has anything else they'd like to mention about the character, or the moderator has a comment, those go here.