Ancestor's Path

Tumbling out of the portal, Tek rolled with the fall and landed in a crouch.
He was in a forest, but it lacked the familiar feeling and scents of his home. He couldn't feel the pulse of life and when he tried again, failed in connecting with the Ancestors.
He instead felt a different pulse, one that guided him towards an unknown target. It reminded him of the moon as it had grabbed him, an ancient but friendly power.
Not knowing if whatever lived here was hostile or not, he chose to remain silent, sneaking through the underbrush.
No part of this place seemed...natural. He couldn't hear any wind or signs of life. He couldn't even decide where the sun was, light seemed to shine from all directions.
Stopping to verify the lack of..anything, he scanned the trees before calling out.
"Hello? Is there anyone out here?"
The pulse he had felt flared as if in response, making him even more curios as to what lay at its source. Hearing nothing else, he took off in as fast as he could, not realizing the suspiciously bare path he trod upon.

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