Mackenzie interview

Mackenzie had drifted toward the back of the group as they had hiked toward wherever they were going. Between heavy breaths (she was woefully out of shape for these kinds of upward climbs), she muttered her observations of this strange world into the hidden microphone of her datalog which had thankfully fallen out of the sky with her. Eventually, the group had gone through a creepy pass between two huge mountains, and when they had gotten through to the other side, they beheld a huge grey man with a bunch of arms. At first she thought he was a statue, but then he moved, clearly reacting to their presence. While most of the others stood still in awe (except for the one chick that Mackenzie could actually understand), Mackenzie suppressed her shock and instead examined the scene with a scientific eye while unemotionally describing what she saw into her recorder. "The thing appears to have a mildly lustrous grey epidermis that is not quite metallic nor stoney, likened to imitation brushed steel. It has ten long arms, most of which seem to be holding portals, and it has a tree on its head. Although it has eyes…"

Mackenzie Waller…

"...those eyes are equally stony or metallic as the skin, which could indicate that…"

Mackenzie Waller, welcome to the Crossroads.

Mackenzie froze. The voice, she could hear it clear as a person saying it right into her ear, but she couldn’t feel it, it only felt like it was coming from the center of her brain.

That is because they aren't. I, the Being, am talking to you.

Mackenzie frowned. She was not aware of any technology that enabled people to read each other's thoughts yet. Either she was dreaming, or this really was a whole new universe.

You are not dreaming.

"Are you sure?" Mackenzie snorted. "There are enough Alice in Wonderland stuff going on here that in all likelihood, that hit I took to my head knocked me out and it’s all a dream.."

I promise you that this is not a dream. I am real, and you have arrived in the Crossroads.

“That is exactly what my dream would tell me.” She said. “I would do my best to convince myself that I am not crazy, by saying I’m not dreaming up a skyscraper sized fever dream department store mannequin man.”

Department store mannequins have clothing on, as their purpose is to display what that clothing would look like on a person, whereas I lack clothing. I also have ten arms, which would make putting on clothing difficult if that were something I was interested in. This body of mine serves a very different purpose than to display apparel.

“Couldn’t you just make clothes that fit? With endless universes and endless amount have humanoids with ten arms.” Mackenzie stated matter a factly. “I don’t get what you want.” she was scanning the group. “I don’t really fit the grouping of… sentient life you have gathered.”

And why do you say that, Mackenzie Waller? Do you know these people so well that you know you do not fit? All of you are different in so many ways. None of you are normal, and we will use that to forge a rounded team with a host of varying life experiences that have prepared you for this journey. You see, Mackenzie, the reason I have brought you and the others here is because the innumerable universes of the multiverse are in dire peril, and the last bastions of effective resistance have decayed or become corrupted. New heroes need to arise to stop the march of the forces of chaos and tyranny and I have chosen you to be one of those heroes. I will not force you into this, but you have unique gifts that the multiverse needs, and that I can unlock within you.

“But why me, I am just an introverted shut in scientist. I don’t have any fighting skills, I don’t have a gun, I can read, and make things that’s it but. Sure whatever I’ll help. The chances that you are telling me the truth is about equal to the chances of you being some Eldritch Horror using us as vessels to infect other worlds if pretty much even I figure I’m basically dead either way at this point.

I can send you back if that is what you wish, but if you want to experience other universes while helping turn back those who wish to plunder and enslave the multiverse, I will unlock within you the tools to be a heroine. Not all heroes are warriors, and those other heroes around you do not possess many of the skills that you have. If you join me, they will lean on your skills as much as you will lean on theirs.

“You must be a god because you talk a lot. Just do your...magic? I guess. And send ‘unlock’ my powers.” Mackenzie gave a mental shrug. Not sure what she could bring to the table.

Is that a yes, you will stay and become one of my heroes, or do you wish to return home, with all of this being to you naught but a dream?

“I’ll help so long as these people help me not die.” she said.

Very well, Mackenzie Waller, come to me, and I shall Awaken your latent talents. This will hurt, but when you wake, every linguistic code in the multiverse will be at your command, every pestilence will not be able to harm you, and you will discover other abilities as your journey progresses.

Mackenzie watched as the being outstretched a hand, and she closed her eyes. As suddenly an enormous pain racked her body. It was like being hit with a lemon wrapped in a large gold brick. Doubling over she lay there on the ground for a few minutes, or hours. It was hard to tell. But her head pounded her eyes swam and she felt worse than the time she grazed a live wire.

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