Good old stick!

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Turning toward the pass out of the Being's dwelling place, Tara remarked, "Ladies, it's been a pleasure. And Lily, you forgot to mention that you had a pet mouse that could stand on its hind legs and carry a stick. Sure training mice is kind of a weird hobby, but I won't judge."

Lily and the mouse exchanged a knowing look, but said nothing...


Marcus found himself wanting to follow the one called Tara. She was interesting and had been here before so she would know stuff. And knowing stuff was key right now.

Of course the mouse seemed to know a bunch more already. He could understand and talk to the tall beings before this Awakening, and now they could do the same with each other. And while he was surprised at what was going on - talking trees, mind talking from the Being, this whole dream-world, these new beings he had never even thought of before - he feared not and in fact was almost very open to them. He obviously liked the nice Lily, but Kasmia and the others seemed fine as well.

That was good, since they'd be a team. And maybe it was in part to Marcus' indifferent attitude towards the oddities he had seen his day in the small Mouse Territories, but he welcomed these characters. Of course he hadn't met them all.

"You know, I'd wager we need more 'an guns." Marcus nudged Lily's shoulder with his paw. "A good stick in the gut or a blade works pretty good." He grinned his snout grin as he shook his walking staff.

Lily just giggled. Well, it was more a chuckle or a chortle. She was obviously a fan of the big jalopy on her back, which would be one of these guns. Surprisingly he kind of understood what it was. "Too true," she replied simply.

Marcus just watched as they meandered around, finding places to rest and relax as Tara and the Being waited. Marcus would just go with the flow, enjoying the beauty around them all in these woods.

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