The Being's Address

The Crossroads, in the Place of the Being
The Day of the Heroes Arrival

The heroes began to come to slowly but surely. Some had begun to make small talk amongst themselves, while others were content to wait and watch. When at last the final hero(ine) awoke (that being the red-headed humanoid Mackenzie Waller), the Being began to address them, its voice whispering into their minds, but for once the verbiage was consistent to each one of the heroes.

Welcome back the land of the living, Awakened. You may have already noticed that you all understand each other when you did not before. Many of you have started using tongues that you had not realized existed until recently. This great gift is but one of the powers that you have gained. This gift is from the multiverse itself. I am here merely to unlock this power, help you reach your full potential, and guide you in protecting and rescuing the multiverse that saw fit to empower you to be one of its guardians.

You are not the first to become Awakened, and you may not be the last. Others with the gift have chosen to betray the benefactor of their power by pursuing wealth and power, serving the forces that seek to crush life and liberty in the universes, or instead choose to preserve their corner of the multiverse without care for the other suffering souls that could be within their reach to save. You shall follow the narrow path, the good path that shall lead to the emancipation of the oppressed and the destruction of the perpetrators of the oppression.

Rise then Geb Semari, my Vermillion Dreamer, you who brings peace to the violent and rest to the weary. May you be inspiring in peace and may your aim be true in war.

Rise Horns, my Crimson Champion, may your blade vanquish our enemies and may your body be a shield against those who threaten your friends.

Rise Kasmia Dragomira, my Azure Sorceress, you who have been redeemed. May your magics now be the vanguard of righteousness instead of ambition.

Rise Lily Zabac, my Brass Sapper. May the devises built by your hands continue to protect and serve you, your friends, and the innocent.

Rise Mackenzie Waller, my Chartreuse Scholar. May your findings in your quest for knowledge be a great benefit for your allies.

Rise, Marcus Greyfur, my Flax Scout, you whom no one will expect to be watching them, and who can defeat enemies much larger than yourself.

Rise, Tek-Neshal, my Evergreen Druid. May you be a force of tranquility and healing for the multiverse and your team. When the path becomes rough, may you prop up those around you.

The obstacles set before you on these journeys I ask you to embark upon shall be great in number, and some may seem insurmountable, but together you shall find a way to overcome. Through Awakening, you have acquired much knowledge, but you do not yet know how you will work together as a team. There are skills needed to survive in the foreign lands of the multiverse that many of you do not yet possess. To aid you in learning these skills, I am assigning you a task, one that you shall complete within the relative safety of the Crossroads.

This task is simple, but that does not mean it will be easy. What I ask of you is to find the Heralding Tree, with leaves of red, upon which fruit have blossomed. Find this tree, partake of the fruit, and endure the trial of the mind, and you will be blessed with additional power with which to face the journeys ahead. This is all the information I will give you. The rest you must find out from others. The location of this tree I will not say, but there are other beings here who know of it. You may hunt the beasts of the forest to sustain yourselves, but I demand that under no circumstances shall you slay the people of this land, no matter how difficult they are. These people are under my protection, and I will not betray them even for your sake.

Go now and plan your strategy for locating the Heralding Tree, and find Tara Coulter as well whom some of you have met. She can be difficult, but she will be of much value to you.

Having concluded his speech, the Being reached his arms up and received the gateways to several universes. There was much to prepare, and an additional hero to receive. The whispering in the minds of the Awakened ceased. They were on their own now.

(OOC - you guys may now change the ranks of your heroes to the ones above. LucienNepreen, this was discussed in the Hangouts Chat. If you would like adjust Tek's title, let me know and I will adjust this post accordingly.)

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