Is there ale here?

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The Crossroads, Going out into the woods
The Day of the Heroes Arrival

"Let's hope we'll find some of that wildlife on our way. I could do with some grub. Maybe those local folk will have something to eat while we get information on the tree's location...?"

Marcus chuckled as Lily grew excited. He felt energized as well and wanted to venture forth. He heard her belly rumble and snorted again, barely audible by most.

"Aye, the dryads might know." Marcus sniffed the air and looked about at the woods before them, just off from the Being's alcove. "Do you think they have ale here?" he asked with all seriousness.

He then started to climb down off Lily, trying not to claw at her skin or through thin clothing. "Maybe see what the others think, and I'll go have a looksee?"

Marcus hopped down, barely waiting for an answer and headed quickly to the nearest tree, climbing as quickly as he could. His hobble when he walked was absent as he made his way up. He peered out into the woods, trying to find signs of life. They were abundant, and it would be hard to distinguish the dryads from other plantlife. But if he couldn't see them, they just had to go to the woods and beckon for them, he guessed.

The mouse started down the tree, stumbling once or twice but recovering, making his way back to the group.

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