The Greyfur

Marcus scampered along with the team, arriving back at the group just as Kasmia was suggesting they follow her down another path. He kept up and eventually caught up to Lily. As the mouse started speaking before he got to her shoulder, waiting for a pause in her remarks.

"I used to be quite a warrior, although that hardly holds up with beings ten times my size." He leaned on his staff almost contradictory to his coming words. "Inna pinch, I am quite fast and can get into places and pick locks and such." Marcus wasn't necessarily proud of that last one all the time, but it was true.

The mouse shifted and looked around at those walking with them so far. "I've a feeling me being able ta go where you lot cannot will be most valuable." He would have surprisingly scalable skills in combat, but he had yet a reason to know or try things. The Being seemed to know, though...

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