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"Yes," Horns, the supposed Crimson Champion grunted as he passed the floating "dreamer".

He had to admit, suddenly being fluent in a language of which you had no knowledge of it's existence mere hours ago was a strange experience. He could hear Geb speaking his own language, but the words made perfect sense to him. Even the one called Tek's language, before a mess of hisses and clicks was converted to perfectly understandable common in Horns' head, which was jarring because he knew of both languages, but only knew one. This feeling of all of a sudden knowing things he hadn't known before was in of itself alien to him, the very deepest depths of the posibilites of magic that Horns mind had never dared to travel to, not even in theory.

Utilizing this new ability, which was no different than simply "listening", Horns deducted that the others were getting familiar with each other. Since the many-verse or whatever relied on them alone to save it, Horns figured this group was probably going stick unlike all of his previous ones. If the Being had anything to say about it, that is.

"I guess Crimson Champion makes sense. I kill stuff. I'm good at it. No matter what's in my hand, or if there's anything in my hand in the first place."

Horns said this with the slightest tinge of disdain, as if he were telling the story of a legend he'd told so many times he was growing tired of it.

He turned and looked to Crush, and then it's owner. Honestly, it looked like a big ass musket to him, probably worked like one too. Looking at Lily, he figured he might as well address her "McSmokeybreath" comment since he was already talking.

"Yeah, and it's not just smoke. There's fire behind it too. Tor breath fire, that's what I am."

As he said that, Horns let out a small cough and a puff of smoke escaped his mouth. One could think of the smoke as a warning of what's to come.

Finally, unable to contain his curiosity, Horns pointed at Lily's Crush.

"That thing...shoots, right? That's what it's for? I seen weapons like it before, just never one so big...and never one on a person's back."

Tilting his head slightly Horns looked the thing up and down, he kinda wanted to shoot it to be honest. He'd seen the way smaller firearms could send pieces of a person flying, he could hardly imagine the potential power of a weapon like her's.

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