Lily likes talking about her gun

Lily stopped in her tracks and turned to Horns with a wide grin on her face. "Yeah! Crush is my pride and joy, built him entirely myself! Just before I was brought here I was testing out a new scope I'd made. Shot a bird-like monster, roughly my size I guess? Practically vaporised the sucker!" She laughed gleefully. "I'd show you, but I don't want to accidentally hit anything I shouldn't be hitting. Lemme show you this though!"

She undid a buckle and a few buttons on her right shoulder. She had modified her own uniform so she could wear Crush's harness underneath her coat more easily. For a moment she thought fondly back of Isabel, who had assisted with the sowing, something Lily was rubbish at. Hope you're alright, Bel, she thought.

She pulled open her coat, the flap covering her right breast falling open in a diagonal. Underneath was a sturdy harness of metal and leather over a white tank top. The straps split around her breast and rejoined underneath, going down to a girdle underneath her coat. "This harness goes all around my back and to my left hip," she explained, drawing lines over her coat with her hand where the straps were located. "Helps me distribute the kickback. And it makes Crush easier to carry and pull out when I need it." She demonstrated by grabbing the handle over her shoulder and pulling the gun straight into the air, then bringing her arm forward. The gun clicked into place with a satisfying clunk. "See? My pride and joy, man. You'll get to see her in action, don't you worry."

She returned Crush to its resting position on her shoulder and reached to fasten her coat again. As she did so, she looked around... and saw the others had not stopped to wait. "Gah! Balls! Wait for us, guys!" She took off running down the path, the gun clattering on her back and the loose flap of her uniform dancing up and down.

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