And yet we hardly know each other

The Crossroads - Coulter Cottage
Day of Arrival

<<Lily: "Crush would probably damage you as much as the enemy if you tried to fire it, Kasmia. Mr. Horny McSmokybreath over here could probably handle it though!">>

<<Marcus: “I've a feeling me being able ta go where you lot cannot will be most valuable.">>

<<Tek: “I am a shaman of my people, able to give the blessings of the Ancestors. It is best used on others, where it can aid in offensive and defensive strategies. I am also trained as a tracker and tamer of various wildlife.”>>

<<Geb: "Flying is something I'm always up for. Hey, really quick, you guys know what I'm saying right?">>

<<Horns: "Yeah, and it's not just smoke. There's fire behind it too. Tor breath fire, that's what I am." >>

<<Mackenzie: “Laser, particle beam, hard light, or plasma?" She was eating some sort of food right in front of the others who had already confessed their own hunger.>>

“I mayn’t look stout, Lily, but judging my tolerance by my size or demeanor would bring you to an unfaithful verdict. Your friend Marcus likely knows this experience. When you see me, you are looking upon a shell - more carapace than body - designed by a powerful demon to harbor many things this world was not meant to witness in physical form.” Kasmia reached down to part the vine-like ribbons of her clothing and out of the pale flesh of her gaunt stomach three blueish-green tendrils snaked out like seedlings sprouting from fertile soil. In seconds they’d each grown to eight feet in length and crawling along their surface were two fist-sized five-legged minions, moving similar to spiders, but built more like a squid or octopus. “They can hoist a man above my head, rip him in twine and hurl him great distances. Or, I suspect, brace me against the reel and shudder of your cannon Crush.”

She did not tell them that it was the Being who had amended her magical manifestations to embrace a botanical nature. Or that her body could sustain mortal blows without lethality. From what she’d observed the rest of the party was more interested in the Brass Sapper’s gun than anything else. Kasmia had to remind herself that she too had been intrigued by the weapon not long ago. With the display concluded, the tendrils had submerged within her body again and Kasmia moved forward to take the lead as they were approaching Tara’s abode. It was well hidden, for the woman seemed to appreciate her privacy, but it was there. Kasmia made a mental note to ask each of them in more detail of their abilities, certainly before any sort of combat, but for now they’d shared enough. Kasmia looked back on the line of Awakened, each visibly unique and by their own confession possessed of unique abilities. Then there was Mackenzie who had chosen not to share anything with the group, not her story, her qualifications or her food. Kasmia would have to keep an eye on that one.

Turning back to the front she moved into a small clearing, so small that it was nearly filled by the modest Coulter Cottage. The trees and undergrowth grew within a few feet of the structure and it was indeed well hidden. “Let us look for the door and perhaps a friendly face would be best received. Lily, you struck a chord with The Silver Agent - would you do the honors?”

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