A Fine Time For Vanity

Tara's Cottage, the Crossroads,
Day 1 of the Heroes Arrival

After waking up, bathing in the river, and hanging up her recently washed clothes on the nearby branches, Tara returned to her shack with naught but a towel to protect her decency. Once she was safely within her home, the question then became: What to wear? The Being was expecting her to train a bunch of strangers into an elite fighting force, a very difficult task indeed. She was somehow going to have to mold them into a unit. So what would someone with this job look like?

Tara scanned her wardrobe for an appropriate outfit, she started to assemble what she thought would look like an PE teacher outfit, with a sweatshirt, athletic pants, headband, and a rape whistle, but then she considered who her audience was. Only Lily and the brunette boy appeared to have any familiarity with modern era styles, so only they would understard what vibe she was going for.

Then she saw it. The perfect outfit. A glorious mixture of offensive and dressy. It was her Zakarese Imperial Military Police Sergeant Uniform. Why she owned this outfit was a long story (having waged a century long insurgency against a massive multiversal empire, Tara had an awful lot of long stories she could tell), but whatever the case was, she had one, and Tara was so looking forward to seeing the look on Kasmia's face when she saw Tara flashing the emblem of her once hated enemy. Of course even less of the heroes would understand this particular vibe but whatev...

A sudden rap on her door tore Tara from her thoughts. "Tara? You home? We need you for a mission from the Being."

Tara cursed in surprise. She was not accustomed to getting visitors here, except the occasional mischievous dryad kid. Of course she should have seen this coming, as she had been taking her sweet time to return. "Just a few more minutes!" Tara shouted back, clutching her towel closely to herself with one hand as she removed the MP uniform from her wardrobe with the other.

A few minutes turned into at least 10 minutes as Tara assembled and put on her outfit, put on some makeup, applied some perfume, and did her hair. Once she was satisfied with her look, Tara strolled out of her home after undoing the lock and pushing her door open with her boot, twirling a nightstick. Sexy Beast holstered was holstered at her left hip, sunglasses concealed her ugly red eyes (Tara hated her eyes), an officer cap rested on her finely combed hair.

Much of the team looked rather impatient, but haters were gonna hate, and a woman needed time to get ready for the world. This was why Tara liked to do things on her own time instead of somebody elses as much as possible. If these people were going to get fussy with her after all this got dumped on her lap the moment after she walked out of a shootout, they could go screw themselves. "So what's this I hear about a mission the Being gave you?"

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