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Horn's ears twitched at the sight of Kasmia's stringy vine things. Seeing something like that wasn't natural, or maybe it was a little too natural either way, it was unsightly at best.

Nightmare-fuel aside, the group continued with said nightmare-inducing vampire woman leading them into a small clearing. Here a house stood and it seemed the owner of that house was the group's current target or talking to them was their goal, the former sounded a bit too homicidal. Lily knocked on the door, calling out to a"Tara", which Horns assumed was the owner of the house.

For about ten minutes there was no response, however, the woman eventually made her appearance. Horns was unsure what to make of the outfit she was wearing when she walked through the door. Some kind of royal knight was the closest thing he could compare her to, and even that was a stretch. He knew he would encounter some people who had lived completely different lives in completely different places compared to Horns, but his mind was struggling to process why someone would want to wear this particular outfit in any universe. She seemed like an attractive human woman otherwise, however, a certain sense of dangerousness emanated from her. He noted she carried one of those pistol-like things Lily had on her hips, though this woman's was a bit bigger and significantly more alien and complex in comparison to Lily's pistols and the flintlock pistols he was used to.

"So what's this I hear about a mission the Being gave you?"

Horns crossed his arms, looking the woman up and down one last time before looking her in the eye.

"We need to find a tree."


Horns realized too late that there was a such thing as too straightforward.

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