When Soulem enters the Crossroads

Soulem had traveled a long way, he talked to animals, fought a couple of Mortal of gods, for the longest time he had been a loner, but now here he was Traveling with four other people. As the five walked in the dark and muddy battlefield filled with piles of glowing white crystals, bubbling heaps of flesh and corpses of mortals were laid out in the battlefield. Cleo, the daughter of two of the first five godslayers and Soulem's crush decided that the group should rest for the night. Amy, Cleo's younger sister decided to take first watch. Soulem and Richard, a close friend of Cleo's younger brother Max set up a fur tent. While the others slept, Amy kept watch for incoming mortal gods. Soulem than fell asleep, when he woke up he was out in the middle of a forest, he got up confused on where he was, he saw places that looked like the night sky in the forest. Soulem thought he was having a dream at first but, after falling on his face, he realize it wasn't a dream. He than started to wonder, Where was he, did he fall into a portal, if he did what plane was he in? Was he in the spirit world? He wondered for a bit, if he did go into a portal to the spirit world, there had to be one back. He looked around for any portals back, he found none. "Well, seems like people have been here." He said as he looked down and saw footprints, he decided to follow the footprints in hope he can find a way to get out of here. As he walked he could hear voices, but they were far and distant, so he thought nothing of it and kept walking down the path, stopping to check for a way home. What Soulem didn't know was when he fell asleep he went through a portal to the Crossroads while he slept. This portal was strange and froze time back in his home universe, so when he did return, he would come back to find nothing changed. Soulem didn't know many things about himself, but this adventure will unlock some of those secrets, now where will this Godslayer go, what will he face, and finally, is he worthy?

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