How to Find a Tree

In Front of Tara's Cottage, the Crossroads,
Day 1 of the Heroes Arrival

Even as Tara asked her question, her focus went not to whoever chose to answer it, but to the ex-Draemorthan Queen to see what her reaction would be to her Zakarese uniform. It was... not as dramatic as she had been hoping. Other than an angry flash in her eyes and a slight clenching of her left hand, Kasmia maintained a smooth expression. Oh well...

"We need to find a tree."

Tara was about to utter a sarcastic comment about the ubiquitousness of trees in this forest when the mouse-training sniper quickly clarified, "The Being told us to find something called the Heralding Tree. It's supposed to give us fruit that'll give us extra powers or something? I don't know whether you had to do the same thing. We're supposed to get some extra information from the dryads, I think. And we had to ask you for help. He was a bit hazy on the details, but I guess that was on purpose."

"I have never heard of a heralding tree with magic fruit," Tara admitted, "and I've lived here off and on for a long time. What is this tree supposed to be heralding anyway?"

"The Being claimed that the fruit of this tree blossom upon the Awakenings of this place's residents," Kasmia answered, "which beckons the question of how good a condition your particular fruit is in if it had indeed blossomed when you Awakened a long time ago."

"Er, yeah, I guess that fruit could be a little past its prime," Tara grimaced.

"So, since you don't seem to know where this tree is and neither do I, and the Being, in his infinite wisdom, has asked us to find it, what do you think should be our first step toward locating this ideally unique shrub?" Kasmia pressed.

"I- I'd ask Thetis," Tara replied. "I believe she was the Being's guinea pig for a lot of this Awakening stuff. If the Being were creating fruit that were supposed to give Awakened more powers, she probably would have tested them at some point."

"Thetis is a female dryad, and to my knowledge, the only one here that is Awakened. She is notably blind in her right eye," Kasmia clarified for the others.

"I think I met her," a male voice from among the heroes stated, although for the life of her Tara couldn't see exactly who said it. "She seemed nice."

"Yeah, Thetis is a peach," Tara murmurred, still searching for the source of that voice...

A strange look had come over Kasmia. "It seems that another prospective hero has arrived here at the Crossroads, and the Being wants me to escort him to his dwelling place. Good luck finding a lead, I will be seeing you around." With that, the Draemorthan diva, ducked away from the group and disappeared into the brush.

Tara sighed. "Right, well, in that case, I guess I will lead you guys to the nearby dryad settlement, and where we can hopefully find Thetis, or at least get pointed in the right direction. I will warn you that a lot of dryads don't like strangers, but I have managed to ingratiate myself a bit by giving the kids toys that I've picked up on my travels. Unfortunately, the village elder, Boad, hates my guts no matter what I do, so we'll probably want to stay away from her, although if we're desperate, she might know where the tree is. I doubt she'd tell us even if she did know, because that's just how much of a hag she is, but maybe some of you can persuade her to drop a hint."

(OOC - Enderslayer, I will be writing a followup post when I get a chance in which Kasmia will find Soulem stumbling around in the forest, and she will then lead him to the Being. Thank you for being patient).

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