The New Hero

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In the Eternal Forest, The Crossroads,
Day 1 of the Heroes Arrival

Kasmia followed the Being's directions toward where the entity claimed she would find the newest hero to arrive at the Crossroads. Interestingly, she was backtracking the exact same path that the group had used to get to Tara's cottage from the Being's dwelling place.

She heard the hero's heavy footsteps before she saw the man. Once she did see him though, whew boy. Where the other heroes didn't really look like the type who were supposed to save the multiverse from the forces of evil, this man looked grander than many of the statues that her recreator Galowyn Alcanzar made of himself. Even from a distance, Kasmia could see that this man was substantially taller than herself, and Kasmia was far from short. His great height in conjunction with his broad shoulders, handsome face, and thick bronze breastplate made him look like something of a god.

This man seemed to detect Kasmia shortly after she spotted him, and he warily approached her as she came up to him. She noted that on top of his other splendor, he also carried a massive two-handed sword that looked to be the length of her entire body from head to foot. If this man attacked her, she would be hard-pressed to subdue him before he destroyed her.

When they were close, Kasmia called out, "Welcome stranger to The Crossroads. The master of this place has instructed me to escort you to his presence." A twinge of fear fluttered through her as she continued toward the man. This close, she could truly appreciate just how much the man towered over her. He was about the same height as the horned dark-skinned man, but he was better armed and armored. She was not sure she could trust this man yet, but unfortunately, the way to the Being was behind him. She continued to get closer.

"My name is Kasmia Dragomira," she announced cautiously. "The path to the master of this place, who calls himself the Being, happens to be back the way you have come. If you wish to learn more about this place and discover why you are here, please follow me."

Kasmia braced herself for his response.

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