The Dryad Village

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The Dryad Village, The Crossroads,
Day 1 of the Heroes Arrival

After their brief discussion about the details of the assignment from the Being and the vague plan to accomplish that task, Tara led the team from her cottage to the nearby Dryad Village.

The dryads of this place had very different notions regarding civilization than most peoples, as in, they were not a fan of it. The dryads did not seem to believe in harvesting natural resources to create things. That, and their non-use of metallurgy, (and subsequent lack of metal tools) significantly hampered their ability to build much of anything. The few things that passed as shelter were either natural caves, hollowed-out trees, or animal skin tents. In the event of a serious rain-storm, most of the dryads had to hide in the caves, which were kept relatively dry with the aid of hydromancy, which the village elder, Boad was skilled with and which she had passed the skill down to others.

While there was a dearth of structures to mark the place as a settlement, there were a very significant amount of dryads that flitted between the trees and the tents as they gave the heroes odd looks and whispered amongst themselves.

"Well, we're here," Tara announced. "Most dryads, especially the older ones, really don't like strangers. Some of the younger ones might be willing to help us out though. Hopefully, we can find Thetis fairly quickly and get out of here before the form a lynch mob."

As Tara approached a group of dryads, they backed away and disappeared into the forest. Sighing, Tara looked at the group and said, "Perhaps we should split up into smaller teams so as to appear less threatening. If we do this, we will have to be very careful, for if the dryads do decide to harm us, we will be much more vulnerable. What do you guys think?"

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