We'll Handle It

Woods of Dryad Village, THE CROSSROADS // NOW

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"Perhaps we should split up into smaller teams so as to appear less threatening. If we do this, we will have to be very careful, for if the dryads do decide to harm us, we will be much more vulnerable. What do you guys think?"

"That sounds like a plan," Lily nodded. "I'll take Marcus along. Maybe I can get some dryads to say hello to my little friend."

"Fine." Horns suddenly piped up. He turned to Tek and looked him in his eyes.

"I will work with the Lizardfolk. Your magic with my strength will make us strong."

Horns crossed his arms, content at his assessment of the two's potential. He wasn't exactly giving the shaman a choice, but then again, he didn't expect a no. Tek-Neshal was from the same world as him. While they had never encountered each other before, with the others being from wildly differing places and times, the Lizardfolk and the Tor were about as familiar any if the two they would be so soon. Horns looked to Tara, his gaze resolute.

"We will move on and ask for this Thetis. If the villagers threaten us, we'll handle it."

With that, he turned away.

"Let's go."

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