Death Will Follow

Woods of Dryad Village, THE CROSSROADS // NOW

Horns' Last Post

“Tor Horns, it honors me to travel with your might. The Tor is renowned among my people for their warrior spirit and fiery breath.”

"Glad to be recognized, " Horns simply said with a nod.

The lizardfolk made some sort of gesture, and he seemed almost to shiver as if some chill had suddenly been set upon him.

“I am sensing that those around us do not want us in their territory.”

Horns huffed pressing forward, too bad for them. Their objective was clear and for the time being, they were his enemies, foes that wouldn't attack until attacked, and that was that. He didn't worry himself with their concerns.

Horns did, however, consider Tek's ability to sense them creeping in the brush and the intentions to some extent it seemed. He had already known of their creeping, but Tek likely knew the full scope of their numbers or at least had a much better idea then Horns did. At the very least, he shouldn't have to worry about being ambushed without at least a heads up.

"Come out! We would speak with you..."

The trees around them shivered and swayed as if the forest itself intended to speak to them. Despite the grand display, only three dryads emerged from the brush, two on either side with a sort of childlike curiosity and fear, and one in the middle who sported a hunched and elderly stature but bore a look of fearlessness, spite even.

" are the trespassers."

Horns brows furrowed even deeper than they did resting, but the Tor kept his composure, stepping forward.

"We need to speak to one of you named Thetis. The Being sent us."

The elder was quiet for a moment, "What is it that you expect to find? We know your kind. You take until nothing is left."

Horns crossed his arms, looking back at Tek, his temper steadily growing.

"We need to find the Heralding Tree."

The dryad recoiled as if Horns' words had caused them physical pain.

"You want to see the tree!? It is sacred, outsiders like yourselves do not belong there! Especially you, horned one. Where you go, death will follow."

Horns clenched his fists and let out an animalistic growl, frustrated at the elder dryad's stubbornness. They were right, he would have much perfered to solve this with his blade. However, he had a feeling Tek would disagree with such actions. He turned to the Lizardfolk, "You think you can get something out of them? Otherwise, I think I might go off."

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