Arriving at the Place of the Being

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On the Path to the Being, the Crossroads.
Day 1 of the Heroes' Arrival

Having received the stranger's consent to escort him, Kasmia began leading him toward the Being. As they walked, she talked to the man about himself and his homeland. From what the man, who called himself Soulem, said, he sounded like he was indeed quite a fearsome warrior. Considering the nature of what the Being was hoping to accomplish, this was ideal. On the other hand, the man called himself a "Godslayer". Hopefully that wouldn't give him cause to try to kill the Being, who could come across as a god of sorts. Then again, Kasmia wouldn't have minded seeing if the Being was actually able to hold his own in a fight. It wouldn't really do for the self-proclaimed "Protector of the Multiverse" to be a pushover.

A little while later, they at last entered the pass to the Being's sanctuary. "We are almost there," Kasmia murmurred.

And then Kasmia and Soulem finally arrived. From the center of the flat expanse surrounded by tall cliffs, the Being towered over them, his great torso seemingly protruding from the earth itself. He gazed at them expectantly.

"That is the Being," Kasmia explained to Soulem. "Approach him and talk to him. No bowing nor any other kinds of gestures are needed, although it would still be best to be respectful to him. He will explain to you why you are here. I will wait here for you to finish up your business."

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