The Godslayer and the being

Soulem smiled at Kasmia, "Thank you for bringing me to this Being." He gave her a small nod before walking to the being. Soulem took out his sword and stabbed it in the ground, "There, so I can't pull it out against you. So, You must be the Being, I am Soulem Atair, a godslayer of Xierheart, It is my pleasure to meet a real God for once and not a mortal God, which I have sworn to slain. Now great Being I have many questions, but let me just get to the main one, what business do you have with me that is more important than slaying the Nuzakary themselves?"
He looked at the Being with a look of wonder and curiosity. "Also, could you be the strange Being that created The warrior of Light, now God of Light Suntus and his brother, the beast of Darkness, now God of Darkness, Shade?" He spoke with no fear, he spoke as he have spoken to a normal person.

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