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The problematic hero

Dryad village – 3rd day here – in the morning

Kota is looking at the small streets. Since The Being choosed him, he don't knew what he could do. He has nobody to go on an adventure and if he just needs to go away becuse of his weakness.

No one would team up with him. He looks like a simple, normal stray. He thinks, that nobody wants a little puppy in his team

(I can't fulfill my duty... I'm letting The Being down... I can't even rescure myself...) he thought and curls up because of his stomach. He hasn't eaten since seven days. If nobody saves him he would starve

(No... please... not like this... I need food... I will die...) he can't hold it back anymore and cries as heartbreaking as he could in hope, that somebody is helping him.

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