Begrudgingly accepting her new fate

Lina woke slowly. Her body still ached all over. She wasn't sure how long she'd been out. She looked around her cell. In the slot near the door, there were three trays. At least three meal times had passed. She'd spent her share of days in here for various offenses and policy was to offer the food whether the inmate accepted it or not and only to remove trays upon their exit or if the inmate placed them in the receptacle.

She forced herself to stand and upon reaching her full height painfully, the door opened. A sole 'peacekeeper' was there. "You going to go quiet or do I need to call for backup?"

Lina said nothing just walked passed him. He followed her the whole way to the medical bay where they'd begin processing. The nurse though looked confused. "Pardon me, Lina-02, but your transfer paperwork is grossly incomplete. You forgot several sections."

Lina had been through too much to stay silent any longer. "That's cause I didn't f*cking put in for a transfer. I was told I was reassigned as a breeder."

The nurse looked more puzzled than before then chuckled, earning a glare from Lina. "Dear, you can't be reassigned as a breeder... we don't force people to mate. Don't you know that?"

Lina had it. She was across the counter and choking the nurse, shouting obscenities and demanding to know who'd faked the report then. The sole guard who'd escorted her was on her a minute too late but the stun baton did it's job and Lina was out cold. When she woke, she was back in a cell, clearly the same one as before because the trays hadn't even been removed.

Mother appeared. "My child, why would you attack that helpless nurse like that?"

"F*ck off, mom," Lina snapped.

"With what you've been through, I'll forgive this all, this and this time only. I don't have answers, just a fact to share... How you ended up here, the "reassignment", and the suffering you endured was not by my design. Someone... altered the course of actions, my plan, and created an alternate path for you somehow. Before you ask, I don't know who or how and my security scans reveal nothing. It appears someone intended to make you a breeder for some reason."

She let that all sync in. "You'll be given a three day respite for your troubles and I know you have been looking for a particular item to complete your motorcycle. I've tasked the machine shop with crafting the item for you. You have my sincere apologies."

And she disappeared and the door opened.

What the hell is going on?! Lina thought.

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