Lifestyle Changes.

She seemed amused at his suggestion that hers was the imagine in the painting.

" That is sweet of you to say. " She offered setting the portrait aside before returning her full attentions to him. " Zhing, can I offer an honest assessment?

" You've been out of the tubes 8 maybe 9 months now and as I recall beyond the first two week period of adjustment. You have pretty much worked everyday with no off time that I can recall other than meals and the short bouts of time spent closed off from the world focusing on your own creative efforts."

She paused than collecting his hands in hers. " I have also noticed that you pine away after females that show even a passing interest or kindness towards you but never once have you gathered the courage to approach them regarding your feelings."

She sighed releasing her hold on his hands. " Whether you realize it or not these patterns of behavior are self destructive. I've already spoken to your Team Leader about reducing your work schedule from 7 days to 4. I have also enrolled you in University in the Arts Instructor Course in the morning and as Teachers Aid for the Artists Study course in the afternoon leaving you time between for self study."

Jenny rose to her feet than. " Your two remain days you will be assigned to companions duty. You might not have the motivation to approach a young lady of your own accord but I know dozens of Young Ladies who will no trouble approaching you given the opportunity. We'll try this for a month maybe two and see how it goes."


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