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Summary: The Wandering Demon Lord

Zortia Morzta

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Gender: Male

Age: 800

Group: Analysis: N


Elder Demon Lord


Dark Magic, Infernal powers, Super strength, flight, fire powers, claws that can cut through reinforced steel, his skin can not be pierce by mortal weapons. He has mind control, he can control the elements and he can summon hellish weapons.


He is weak to holy water, holy weapons, he can't enter holy ground, and can be killed only by powerful angelic weapons or relics.

Physical Appearance

The pic
14'8 feet tall

Personality and interests

Cruel, Curious, multilevel, doesn't like monster, he shows humans lots of mercy. He doesn't even blink when killing a monster, but has been caught saving humans.


No one knows a lot about him, he appeared inDusk's Shadow 20 years ago. He has killed 200 S class , 300 A class, 500 B class, 900 C class, and over 1,000 E class monsters. He has been caught saving humans from monster attacks and Order raids.


The Wandering Demon Lord
The Crimson Flame
The Lord of pity.

Family/ Grudges/ Allies/ Nemesis.

Currently none.

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