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Summary: He will hunt those that given up their humanity.

Micheal Von Deric

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Gender: Malw

Age: 23

Group: Analysis: H




Skilled in sword fighting, hand to hand combat, hunting vampires, skilled marksman in revolvers and rifles.


Is a normal human, so human weaknesses.
Fears becoming what he hunts

Physical Appearance

Blonde hair, reddish brown eyes, strong jaw, athletic body, the pic is his outfit.

Personality and interests

Calm, curious, impulsive, has a huge grudge against vamps. Sweet and caring to kids.


Micheal was a normal kid in a small village of Timadin, he lived with his farther and mother, helping them farm and hunt. When he was 13 vampires attacked his village, they kidnapped some kids and killed most of the adults, including Micheal's parents. He was saved by a group of S class hunters. One of the was Eric Von Deric, who adopted Micheal and raised him to be a good hunter. When Micheal was 19 Eric died to the Vampire lord Carter Drecima, Carter killed Eric without looking at him, Eric tried attacking at him face to face, only to have his heart ripped out. Micheal already losing all that he loved, he devoted himself in hunting vampires. Now he wanders around, hunting high ranked vampires.


A class

Family/ Grudges/ Allies/ Nemesis.

Birth Family- Franks
Adopted family- Von Deric
Grudge- Carter Drecima

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Image of Micheal Von Deric
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