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Summary: A dangerous hunter with a cold heart

Jason Russo

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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Analysis: H




Sharpshooter, stealthy and good in hand to hand fights


Watching anyone close to him die, and also giant spiders.

Physical Appearance

Tall, 6'5, skinny but muscular. Dark hair and grey eyes, though his face is generally covered by a hood and mask.

Personality and interests

He's a loner really. He is a hunter but is not apart of the order he goes solo.


He was on a special forces mission when everything went kind of strange. He was covering his unit from a distance when he heard screaming. He looked through his scope and saw his team being torn a part but a weird creature. He shot and killed the creature but it was to late everyone was dead. Because of the incident he tries to keep his distance from people and has grown cold. He works alone and takes care of the worst of the worst.


S class hunter.

Family/ Grudges/ Allies/ Nemesis.

No family No allies. Grudge against any and all Monsters

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Image of Jason Russo
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