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Summary: The Vampire king of the Order of Night

Carter Drecima

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Gender: Male

Age: 765(Looks 25)

Group: Analysis: O


Elder Vampire


Flight, mind control, vampire strength and speed, shape shifting and blood magic
Immune to sunlight, but he pefers the dark
Skilled sword fighter


Demonic powers, demons, unholy weapons from the deepest sections of hell

Physical Appearance

The pic, 6'7

Personality and interests

Sees humans as cattle and play things, he only notices strong humans(on a monster level, not a human level), he cares only for his wife Eva and his son Finrad.


Carter was once a human, not any human but the son of the infamous Milkai Drecima, the war hero of the first, second, and third blood war. Milkai raised his family with love and great emotion, he was a legendary hunter, but he was cursed by the Queen of Vampires( Dracula's wife) Carmilla after he destroyed her newly formed court. Fearing for his family Milkai did whatever he could do to protect him. Little did he know when Carter was born, he would fulfill the curse. Carter never like other humans, he would always distant himself from them, One day when he was 20, he met Eva, daughter of Carmilla and Dracula. The two fell in love and decided to kill Milkai, when Carter was 25 was the plan went into action. They lured Milkai in, where Carter cut off his right arm with a vampire dagger, Carter was turned into a vampire and turned his little sister and mother into vampires like him, sadly his mother killed herself 10 years later believing her husband was truly dead. The truth Milkai wasn't dead and was only training. Milkai came to Carter's castle, killing anyone that got in his way, 20 years had passed since then, Carter tired to reason with his farther, but when he learned that his father sold his soul to hell, he killed him on the spot, he watched as the ground cracked open and consumed him. 1 year later Carter's son Finrad was born, Milkai raised him, he told him once they defeat humans, the world will finally be at peace. 700 years have passed since than, now Carter watches the world, fighting so his son can rule the world


S class
Lord of the Order of Night

Family/ Grudges/ Allies/ Nemesis.

Wife- Eva
Son- Finrad
Sister- Rachel
Allies- the Order of Night
Best friend- The Black Wolf

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Image of Carter Drecima
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